LUTC Minutes 2013-02-17

February 13, 2013 by Alexa Heidrich

Meeting of the Land Use and Transportation Committee (Public welcome)February 18th (President’s Day) at Legacy Emanuel Hospital Room 1035

The best way to get to this room is to enter at Stanton & Gantenbein and go left, up the stairs and then right down a hallway

Meeting time: 6:30-8:30

Location: Emanuel Hospital Room 1035

6:30 Call to order and approval of minutes from previous meetings

Quorum not present

1)  Representative from Legacy will discuss Hill Block request and N Kerby purchase

Discussion included the purchase agreement between Legacy Emanuel and the City of Portland, which included the following two conditions: continued use of the lot by the City for equipment parking for 5 more years, and use of the “Hill Block” in case of emergency for parking service vehicles than may not be able to get up the hill from the Albina Yard.

Discussion also included upgrading the landscaping, and how the money for this may be used elsewhere (options include pedestrian amenity and safety).  There was not a decision made, however discussion would continue as application proceeds

2)  Community Transitional Center across from Nike

There was a question about whether this was operating, and Allan requested speaking with the community police officer.

Attendees signed a card for Mike Streimer, former LUTC and Neighborhood Association Member

Updates on other topics, Public Comment