Eliot Beautification

Did you know that Eliot has a beautification committee? The group, loosely an extension of the Neighborhood Livability Partnership, is exploring projects to plant street trees, personalize intersections and street signs, and reduce visible trash and litter. Broad goals of the committee, which includes local residents, businesses and nonprofits, are to build on the vitality of Eliot, and recognize and act on major opportunities to make sure the identity of Eliot is recognizable to those who live in the neighborhood, or who are just passing through. We want to take a collaborative approach, so if you are interested in sharing your ideas or lending a hand, we would love to hear from you.

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Thoughts on Neighborhood Development

As a fairly recent transplant to Eliot I am excited for the developments along Williams and Vancouver. The addition of New Seasons and mixed use residential buildings are just the beginning of local economic growth, and this has the benefit of also increasing scrutiny of factors that affect Eliot as a walkable and healthy neighborhood. There is a general theory of walk-ability that requires satisfaction of four main criteria: it must be useful, safe, comfortable and interesting. Having a grocery store return to Eliot will meet the first criteria, and I for one will enjoy the proximity of my favorite place to shop. The nature of walking allows you to meander and find your most interesting and safe route, although the two can often be mutually exclusive. Safety for pedestrians, a very fragile group, requires well-lit paths, well-marked crossings, a buffering from cars and an overall sense of security. Residents of Eliot must deal with high traffic volumes, and a proximity to the freeway that compromises this sense of security.

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LUTC Minutes 2012-11-19


Eliot LUTC notes for 11/19/2012

Taken by Alexa Heidrich, LUTC recorder

Allan called the meeting to order at 6:30

In attendance- Lee, Jason, Mike, Allan, Alexa, representatives of VOA Sacramento Stree House project, residents of Cook St

Presentation by the VOA for the Sacramento Street House, who purchased a house to the east of the VOA to house graduates of the men’s residential treatment center  (not considered an extension of the program.)

It was determined they will demolish the house and rebuild for 6 graduates of the program, based on estimates that didn’t reflect a complete examination of the existing structure, that previously pointed towards just a remodel of the 100 yr old house.  There will be a large backyard with a basketball court, VOA is willing to amend the good neighbor agreement to include hours for backyard amenity.

The neighbor (opposite the VOA) is related to a resident of the VOA, so current residents are okay with the demolition and future intended use of the property. 

It was voiced that the character of the house needs to reflect and fit in with the character of the neighborhood. 

Also of note: the house will be corporately distinct from the VOA—will be called the “Sacremento Street Housing”


Cook street residents

Concern about the new Williams/Vancouver improvements south of Fremont—associated with the New Seasons development.  Cook street residents would like to either block left turns only or make Cook westbound only onto Vancouver.  Mike took information and said he would be in touch with residents.  Residents also said they would contact the City with their concerns. 


Meeting adjourned at 7:40pm

Next meeting is December 17th