General Membership Meeting Minutes 2013-04-08

7:05 Meeting Starts


Officer Talk with Officer Straub

·         Increase in car prowls

Cleanup Program for DEQ—Scott Manzano

·         Near Old Grant Warehouse at Ivy and MLK is a toxic waste site

·         DEQ reviewed this property and deemed it clean

·         EPA felt like there was still lead within the soil

·         DEQ will be doing further testing and they wanted to let us know

Bylaws—-Allan Rudwick

·         Are the amendments we made okay

·         Mike Warwick moves to adopt them

·         All in favor none opposed

Good Neighbor Agreement between Lloyd District, Blazers, Rose Quarter and Eliot

—Angela Kremer and Nancy Zimmermann

·         Determining the best way to accept $ 5,000 form GNA for beautification of the neighborhood.  This is harder that it seems because we are not a declared non-profit and the IRS does not want groups dealing with more than $5,000 in a tax year without declaring it. 

·         Angela and Nancy move to ask NECN(a 501.C3) for fiscal sponsorship with the hope that that will allow Eliot to take the full $5,000 without any tax concerns.

·         One opposed the rest in favor 

·         Motion passes.

Angela and Nancy propose a tree planting project for Eliot as one of the beautification projects.

·         The project would not exceed more than $1300

·         Two opposed the rest of the board in favor.

·         Motion passes


Angela and Nancy propose the intersection mural as one of the beautification projects tentatively scheduled for June 1st.

·         Project would not exceed $700

·         One opposed the rest of the board in favor

·         Motion passes

Public Comment:

·         Appreciation for Angela and Nancy for working so hard on the GNA

·         Nancy reminds folks that they still have $3000 for other beautification projects

·         Mike Warwick talks about all of the building that is occurring in Eliot Neighborhood

Neighborhood Cleanup Project Reminder—Alan Sanchez

·         Make sure you are reminding your neighbors because we did not have the postcard mailer this year

·         Pizza a-go-go is donating pizza

·         New Seasons donated $300

·         Mike Warwick will donate his truck

Meal on Wheels—David Lomax

·         September 7th 12:00-6:00 Jambalaya in the Park

·         They make over 300 meals a day for seniors

·         They always appreciate our free use of Dawson Park

·         Asking for event sponsorship

·         Allan moves to sponsor this event with $500

·         All in favor none opposed

·         Motion passes