LUTC Minutes 2013-08-19

August 19th, 2013 minutes submitted by Allan Rudwick

Meeting of the Land Use and Transportation Committee (Public welcome)August 19th at Legacy Emanuel Hospital Room 1035

The best way to get to this room is to enter at Stanton & Gantenbein and go left, up the stairs and then right down a hallway

Meeting time: 6:30-8:00

Location: Emanuel Hospital Room 1035

  • Call to order (if quorum of 3 is available – we’re down to 5 members)

Clint and Allan present by 6:40, 3 neighbors showed up.  Paul Van Orden was among those present and is ready to join the LUTC

  • Karuna 2 – (their tumbler is called Free-Will Dock) presentation.

Developer and architecture rep. were present).  The buildings are North of Freemont in Boise between Vancouver & Williams.  Eric lemmelson is funding it and Holst Architecture is designing.  The West building is currently proposed to be 5 stories- 65′, East building -54 feet high.

All office space.  It is currently planned to have a hardwood exterior- vertical so that they can have curves on the walls.  They are going for a green building with minimal energy (1/3 of normal building of this size) and so it looks strange because of that – especially the east & west sides.  They are proposing a huge 15000 ft court yard – this is huge, like 1/6 of Dawson park for scale.

Very limited parking – 8 spaces + 3 motorcycle spots.  Planning 85 bike parking spots.  They are signing green leases with tenants so that they are incentivized to use the building with minimal parking.  They are sharing

 parking with the church to their north- 34 spaces.  The NECN may move into the site.  Clint asked- where will all the cars go- they are expecting 200-250 people to work at the site plus customers.

Potential tenants: Creative agency – will announce eventually
Services missing from n’hood, looking at Postal annex, Bank
Wine bar possibly, not committed

The developer claims to be committed to the neighborhood, they are not planning to sell the property.  Will work with parking setup when the need arises.  Developer’s rep was on the Boise Land Use Committee.  Shared heat conversation – they are sharing with New Seasons. This is really expensive.  Paul Van Orden asked why they didn’t talk to other neighbors about sharing heat.  They said it was so expensive that they didn’t think it would make sense for anyone not planning a large building.
Public space- they are hoping to get public using the space and will feel it is a failure if it doesn’t get used.  They may hire a security person.  A number of comments were made about how to activate the space.  It isn’t “on the way” as a cut-through for many things, but they reminded us that the buldings can all be cut through and seen through from certain angles.  The developer may have updated plans in 2-3 months

  • 10-unit micro apartment project 436 NE Ivy discussion (developer will be present)

436 NE ivy – Laura O’hearn is the developer.  She is currently planning 11 300 to 400 square ft micro-apartments.  (Zoning minimum is 5).  The current proposal is a 2-story building with all outdoor entrances.  She is targetting young “hipsters”  The building proposed is C-shaped with a courtyard on the west side.  24 feet high.  She saved what she could from the existing building for decorations.  She is planning a nice bike garage, might be able to do an Eco roof.  They will be done demolishing soon.  She is hoping for more no car people.  Clint was concerned about the lack of parking.  I think it looks Garden apartment-ish in the design.  This is her 2nd project as a developer and the other one was an ADU, so she mentioned she is taking a risk but her goal is that this is a nice transition from single-family to the huge buildings that will eventually go in along MLK.

  • 115 N Cook discussion – if any.

Reports are that the design review rejection was upheld.

  • As it was getting late (after 8pm), Allan sheepishly punted on the Comprehensive plan discussions.
  • Public Comment/Other Topics

There is a position open as a planner.  They are accepting applications from all over the US.

There was some more discussion of the Back Bridge Lofts project and the scale of the project being larger than neighbors were hoping to see on that site.  We are continuing to hope that the height and massing can be sensibly reduced  in a way that works for all parties.