LUTC Minutes 2014-02-03

Notes from Special Eliot Land Use and Transportation Meeting
February 03, 2014

The Rodney/Williams discussion

On the whole, it appears Williams is scheduled to begin by late summer.  There is still room for minor changes and an quasi-Open House at Emanuel on April 9th from Noon to 1 PM (if I got that right).  The meeting room is TBS although 1027 is currently reserved.  This was just supposed to be a meeting of project stakeholders, but the BTA broadcast invitations as an Open House, so it may not be a formal meeting but more of a show and tell.

The Rodney project will follow Williams, potentially as soon as this fall, but it is not an extensive or expensive a project and has a more flexible schedule.  Very limited outreach to neighbors has occurred to this point but is expected once a 30% design is available.  From the presentation and discussion it appears the improvements will be “all good” for bikers because east-west streets between Williams and MLK will ALL be outfitted with “stop” signs so that Rodney can be mostly stop sign free, but with speed bumps to reduce traffic speeds to the target of 20 MPH.  This is “mostly good” for Eliot since it is expected to limit cut through traffic.  However, there was concern that it could invite cars to use a stop-sign free Rodney to by-pass Williams during the evening commute.  The PBOT representative indicated that if those concerns remain after planned Open Houses for the project PBOT is willing to make changes to address unexpected traffic problems.  Those are mostly expected to be the addition of stop signs strategically along Rodney to prevent it becoming a raceway.