General Membership Meeting Minutes 2014-4-14

Meeting begins 6:35


Minutes read and approved

Treasure’s Report with Annie Rudwick

  • We have 10,377 in the account
  • We donated $2,000 to the Dawson Concerts in the Park

Eliot News Paper–Good job on writing and publishing the paper—Thanks Allan and Erik!

Identity Committee—Alise Munson

  • Alise would love if the Identity Committee was still brought up and talked about at Eliot Meetings but she needs to take some time to focus on other things.  We would love to reconnect with the rich Albina history.
  • Kristin will call Elderplace and try to get a time set up to meet with residents.
  • Please show up to help support the neighborhood!

Neighborhood Cleanup!—Alan Sanchez

  • We want to raise even more money than we did last year, which was $1,000.
  • Mike Warwick will be driving around picking up items from people who cannot bring them.
  • Angela will bring a display board showing some potential sign cap ideas.  People will be able to start thinking about future name changes possibly.

Land Use and Transportation Committee—Mike Warwick

  • We are in the process of rezoning Eliot
  • We have seen the erosion of historic homes within Eliot.
  • He suggests we rezone in order to drop the required density from R2.5—R2.
  • Rodney St. is currently being considered as a new bike-way. We will be having further discussions regarding this option and Clint would like us to address this sooner than later if we are going to get our viewpoints heard.

Officer Talk—Officer Haase

  • Trends are pretty typical.
  • This is a rotating district for officers.
  • Angela asks about having a community officer because then you actually have someone who knows the neighborhood and the people in the neighborhood.

Beauty Committee—Angela Kremer

  • 14 trees have been planted.
  • Painted the intersection at Rodney and Tillamook, a neighbor is heading up the repainting of it.
  • Sign caps in the future and possibly garbage cans.

NECN—Joan Ivan

  • 12 NE neighborhoods have scheduled cleanups!

Start advertising our meetings as Eliot Neighborhood Association instead of Eliot Neighborhood Association Board Meetings

Meeting Adjourned at 8:30