Board Meeting Minutes 2014-5-12

6:35 Meeting begins

Minutes read and approved

Beautification Update—Kayla Mullis

If we are thinking about changing the neighborhood name what would the sign caps look like if we combined the names? Kayla’s idea was that the heading of the sign cap would be Eliot but an acknowledgement of historic Albina would be on the cap. Alan Sanchez went to a meeting regarding gentrification and it was stated that many people identify and feel attached to the Eliot name

Angela has been talking with Our United Villages and they have resources about facilitating discussions and involving people in community outreach.  She will invite them to our June meeting so we can find out more.

PBOT–Rodney Project–Rich Newlands

  • The Rodney Project is attached to the N. Williams Project which was started three years ago to increase safety on the corridor, specifically concerning bikes.
  • $1.5 million grant.
  • One travel lane will be taken away with parking on both sides, which is a much better buffer for bicyclists.
  • New traffic signal at Cook
  • Some folks were still wanting a another extended rode-way that would be even safer for slower cyclists and families
  • Neighborhood is worried that people will start to use Rodney as a cut through because of the backup that will occur on Williams.
  • According to PBOT Rodney is already considered a high traffic area, specifically around Fremont, and their are concerns about making it a bike-way for families.
  • Finishing Williams will happen first, but they might be placing traffic diversions on Rodney earlier to discourage cut through traffic.
  • Clint brings up the fact that traffic diversions can really be difficult for the residents who live on Rodney.  They can become quite trapped.
  • More discussion at LUTC next week

Name Change at Boise-Eliot-Humboldt School—Richard Gilliam

The school is thinking about a name change.  Considerable discussion will occur and Mr. Gilliam is bringing the word to the neighborhoods.

NECN Updates—Joan Ivan

No new anouncements

Rodney Intersection Repainting—Angela Kremer

Angela moves that $1,250 from the Beauty Committee’s fund be used to repaint the Rodney intersection and $100 in reimbursement to Angela who paid the VBC membership out of pocket.

All in favor, none opposed

Motion passes

8:15 Meeting adjourned