Board Meeting Minutes 2014-6-9

Meeting begins at 6:35

Eliot Cleanup News—Alan Sanchez

  • Raised $1,000
  • Got rid of more garbage this year
  • More volunteers than ever

Newspaper Time—Allan Rudwick

  • Get your articles to Allan

Beauty Committee—Angela Kremer

  • Kayla Mullis is moving and she will no longer be on the board
  • Still figuring out how best we should use the money that the Blazers have given to us to better the neighborhood for all
  • Angela invited Our United Villages to the meeting to help us facilitate neighborhood discussion and involve the neighborhood in finding out out what the neighborhood wants

Our United Villages—Linda Hunter

  • A resource for sharing community building stories, strategies and ideas
  • Involving the neighborhood in inclusive outreach and letting them know that their ideas are being heard
  • If you have any interest in being involved with this process  please email Angela Kremer—

Identity Committee—Alan Sanchez

  • We need someone to head up this exciting committee.  They will be well supported!

NECN Update—Cameron Herrington—

  • There is a group of neighbors from the 12 neighborhoods that NECN represents who are concerned about the lack of affordable housing within their neighborhoods. If this is something that concerns you as well please contact NECN and they will put you in touch with this group.  Their next meeting is on July 2nd.
  • Good in the Hood is coming up! June 27th-29th They have a kick off party on June 21st and the Marriott hotel on NE Wasco.  NECN will have a table at this event and they welcome anyone from Eliot to join them.
  • Dawson Park Grand Re-Opening July 16th at 6:00pm.  Food, music, $6 bike helmets from Legacy Emanuel.
  • Repainting of intersection at Rodney and Tillamook on June 28th. Email if you would like to get involved!

Angela Kremer moves that we ask the LUTC to index how much affordable housing we have within Eliot by September.  Some residents are stating that this seems to be disappearing with all of the growth in the neighborhood.

All in favor

None Opposed

Summer in September—Meals on Wheels—David Lomax

  • He would love if Eliot support the event financially like we have done in the past
  • He would also appreciate the neighborhood support of the event. Bring your families and friends for their annual fundraiser.  Tons of BBQ and Jambalaya  for everyone!

Johnny motions that we support Summer in September with a $500 donation

Pamela seconds.

All in favor

None opposed

PPS—Erin Barnett and Jon Williams

  • Pioneer High School will be moving to the neighborhood to the Harriet Tubman building temporarily
  • Since 2012 Harriet Tubman has been used as Admin offices
  • 50 students from the program will be moving there and many of these students are from homes in North and Northeast Portland
  • They would love to be involved in neighborhood collaborations to enhance help teach living skills to their students.

SolTerra Systems PDX —Andrea Wallace—

  • Started as a small company in Portland providing solar panels and then roofing
  • They now specialize in living roofs and walls
  • Reconnecting people with nature in urban environments
  • They are hoping to build a 50 unit apartment building with retail space on the bottom floor at Fargo and Williams
  • They will be at the LUTC meeting next week if you have questions for them