LUTC Meeting Agenda 2014-06-16

Eliot Land Use and Transportation Committee Agenda
June 16, 2014 6:30 – 8:30 pm
Emanuel Hospital, Room 1027

6:30 Call to Order Approval of Minutes (if available) and Revisions to Agenda (if needed)

6:45 Presentation from developer of project at Fargo and Williams (required neighborhood contact).  (20 minutes)

7:05 Follow up from last LUTC meeting on Eliot recommendations to PBOT on Williams and Rodney bike projects.  (30 minutes)

7:35 Discussion of potential issues with proposed development at 7th and Russell that will be presented at July meeting.  (15 minutes)

7:50 Discussion of response to direction from Eliot Board to “index?” “affordable housing”  “by September.”  Words in quotes and process to be defined at the meeting.  (20 minutes)

8:10 Updates and announcements.  (10 minutes)

8:20 Recap and suggestions for future topics (if any)