Keep the Neighborhood Clean

Keep the Neighborhood Clean!

In April or May, Eliot Neighborhood hosts the annual “Spring Cleanup”. It’s an event where residents bring junk and other trash-worthy stuff to a central location and drop it off for a small fee. The idea is to make it easier for residents to clean up around their house and property. It is effective at helping people keep their part of the neighborhood clean, but it doesn’t really clean up the neighborhood. You can help by making cleanup a part of your daily routine.

Every time you venture into the neighborhood make a point of looking for and picking up one piece of trash. Do it while walking or biking to work, walking to your car, walking the dog, etc. If you see something, stop and pick it up. Chances are within a few blocks, at most, you will come across a trash can or recycle bin. Deposit it accordingly and continue your trip.

Pick up one thing daily and make a difference!