Board Meeting Minutes 2014-12-8

6:40 Welcome and Potluck—What are you thankful for this year?

Minutes are read and approved

The Board Officer positions for Vice Chair and Newspaper Editor still need to be filled.  The Vice Chair would probably be responsible for running  two meetings during the year and help find people who would present interesting topics and pressing issues to the Eliot Neighborhood Association.

Allan Rudwick nominates Sara Long as a Board Member

Pat Montgomery seconds

All in favor none opposed

Allan Rudwick moves to nominate Sara Long as the new Vice Chair

Annie Rudwick seconds

All in favor none opposed

Newsletter Editor Nomination

Five people have expressed interest in teaming up to take on the Eliot News Paper with Jeri Stein being the person officially elected to be the Newspaper Editor.

  • Jeri Stein
  • Sara Long
  • Sue Stringer
  • Jere Fitterman
  • Maggie Gardner

Clint nominates Jeri Stein as the Newspaper Editor

Annie seconds

All in favor none opposed

  • Make sure we contact advertisers to let them know that a January paper will not be coming out as the new team organizes and learns the ropes.

We had a discussion regarding Sue Stringer joining the board.  We want to make sure that people are able to attend the monthly meetings before they decide to join the board.  When/If Sue is able to make the January meeting and wants to be on the board and has the availability in her schedule to make the meetings she will be welcomed with open arms.

LUTC Update

The board needs to nominate the LUTC board for this year

  • Mike Warwick
  • Clint Lundmark
  • Allan Rudwick
  • Laurie Simpson
  • Phil Conti
  • Paul Van Orden
  • Mike Faden
  • Sara Long (new)
  • Alise Munson (new)

All in favor none opposed

Community Conversations and NW Resolutions with Angela Kremer

Angela asked the board to engage in an exercise that would help identify  strengths and weaknesses of the current board. She also invited Jes Conover from Resolutions Northwest to help prep us for a retreat which Angela hopes to have in February.  Angela will be sending out a survey and would like to see if anyone is interested in giving her questions. The goal is to find out what we can commit to in terms of interest in issues, committees, talents and it will be used to plan the retreat. Interviews will also be used, but we will only have pro bono assistance for six people to be interviewed. Please contact Angela if you would like to be interviewed to express thoughts and opinions you feel like should be heard but in a more confidential way. Angela and the the board are concerned that the energy from the community conversations will die and we won’t use this momentum to increase long term neighborhood involvement and we will not help alleviate the concerns that were brought up during the conversations.

Strengths within Eliot Neighborhood Association Board

  • Momentum–things are moving and relationships are deepening
  • Energy within the community
  • Solid meeting structure

Weakness within Eliot Neighborhood Association Board

  • We have a hard time inviting people into it and getting them involved in the areas that they show an interest in
  • We don’t have regular communication between the community and the board
  • No strategy for hearing what the neighborhood wants and prioritizing those wants
  • We need more information from outside groups that affect the neighborhood
  • Retention of attendees
  • Educating people about why we have Neighborhood Associations within Portland

8:30 Meeting adjourned