Union and Knott Then and Now

Union (MLK) and Knott 1929

Union and Knott 1929
Union and Knott 1929. Portland Archives A2009-009.1053.

These twin houses on the corner of Union and Knott were built in 1900.  By 1929 Union had already become a busy street and the houses had started the transition from residential to commercial.  “Dr Muck Dentist” occupied the second floor of the house on the corner.  Over the course of his dental career Dr Earl C Muck had his office in different nearby locations on Union.

MLK and Knott 2015

MLK and Knott 2015
MLK and Knott 2015

Believe it or not, all three houses pictured in the 1929 photo are still standing today.   It appears the houses may have been lowered at some point, or the grade of MLK and Knott raised. MLK has also since been widened so the street and sidewalk are a lot closer.  The twin houses are now connected by a street level storefront probably built in the 30’s or early 40’s with a great cafe on the corner.  The third house to the far left is still residential.

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  1. One thing certain is somehow there came to be a correlation with the name of the dentist then and the quality of the food now………..


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