LUTC Meeting Minutes 2015-10-12

Eliot Land Use meeting:  October 12, 2015

Board: Alan, Montse, Clint, Paul, Mike, Phil
Visitors: Joyce (SP?) NNEBA , Brad Perkins- NNEBA; Al Sadri; Pamela Witherspoon; Tomasina; others?

Cascadia Behavioral  comes in  to LUTC with the Garlington Center Project

  • It is named after Reverend Garlington
  • Clinic has been in the neighborhood since about 2007
  • What does this name mean to have on the center,  you can look at a video they have on line.
  • Lots of PR information on the name and general programing of the space complete with a PR storyteller and a few architects.  They speak to the desire to keep gardens and the community gardens in place.
  • Cascadia is committed to keeping the same amount of parking as they now have.
  • It will be an all ages service facility
  • Phil asks if they will provide more services with this facility.  Reps from Cascadia say it will double our capacity.
  • Phil also says don’t down size the parking necessarily.
  • Montse asks about what managers and care providers will be there on site.  Cascadia says a manger will be on site 24/7.
  • NNEBA Joyce asks where your funding is coming from?  Cascade rep says tax credits and varying donations from private groups.   Funding is pretty much in place.  They have been working with HUD through work with Home Forward.
  • Paul asks from more of a connection to the community through activating the ground floor.
  • Cascadia says they will be active until 9PM or 9:30 PM and it will not be dead at night.
  • Mike says it feel like the Boulevard of Broken Dreams,  put all your services into Eliot.
  • Clint says he was going to say basically what others have said.  Activate the ground floor like Mike, Phil and Paul.  Finally you talked about funding and this could possibly change hands so we want to be sensitive of this location.
  • Cascade says  the funding ties us to being there for the duration , 60 years at least.

Second Agenda discussion is related to Emanuel Hospital

  • Pamela Weatherspoon speaks about the efforts recently at Emanuel as an overview.  She stepped down recently from the Eliot Board.
  • She talks about several other projects that they are taking into several local barber shops.
  • They sponsored the Good in the Hood event, the Martin Luther King Jr Dream run event, and a litany of other events.  They combined two of their events and did a big family health event.
  • Ali Sadri  (SP?) is new in his position at Emanuel replacing Larry Hill.  He speaks about the major improvements and some coming and planning efforts at the facility.
  • Tomasina – We are required to report what we have coming in the next year to Eliot/ Boise and to NNEBA .  She speaks to the site across from the Bureau of Maintenance.   At Kerby and Graham St.   They came to an agreement to sell it.  In the begging of 2014 the City moved all their vehicles off the lot.  It is a long and skinny.  We have a schematic design submitted to design review, it is within 50 feet of a public right of way, so it was required to go to design review.
  • The road is classified as a truck transit street, and it has quite a slope.
  • Emanuel says they will be asking for a height adjustment  to the the 75 foot max to about 80 feet.
  • PVO mentions some issues and concerns that they are careful to examine the flight paths of the recent helicopter traffic to Emanuel as it does not meet the original plans agreed to with the city and the Neighborhood.  Sari says that it is a the military aircraft that don’t meet the standards.
  • Sadri says he is looking to make the ground floor more connected to the pedestrians.
  • Brad Perkins asks for a Master Plan for your East Side of Emanuel’s properties in the SE area of their lands? What are your plans? Perkins asks Emanuel .  There is still a lot of hurt over there.  What does Emanuel plan to do there?  It should not be a surface lot on top of the graves of the homes of our past community members.
  • A series of general comments are offered to Emanuel about the blandness possibly being ok in terms of this location, but look to do better.

Update from Nan Stark of the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability.

  • Nan shows us a set of the proposed Comp Plan designations and the proposed zoning.
  • Mike Warwick asks what the difference is between the two.
  • Nan says the Comp Plan Designation is the goal for 20 to 30 years out, the zoning is what it is now.

Montse says she has one last item on the agenda to talk about speeding on 7th and an increase of traffic.

  • We will take it to City council with Support from Irvington.
  • Vote of support is passed

Minutes submitted by Paul van Orden