General Membership Minutes 2015-10-19


Board Members Present: Annie Rudwick, Angela Kremer, Clint Lundmark, Jim Hlava, Joan Ivan, Kristin Yates. Patricia Montgomery. Sue Stringer

Visitors: David Peterson, Errol Beard, Ruth Rowland, Carol McKenzie, Bob Belcher

6:35 Introductions and Minutes Read

Joan Ivan makes a motion that minutes are passed, Annie Rudwick seconds, Minutes pass.

  1. Any Crime Concerns?
  • Annie mentions that lots of people are smoking weed at Dawson Park even while kids are around. There is a no smoking ordinance in all Portland Parks and so she has the authority to ask them to leave.
  • Annie will call Portland Public Parks to ask if they can hang up more signs regarding this ordinance.
  • Matthew McAllister is our new community police officer.
  • Angela mentions that people are driving really fast down Rodney.
  • It is recommended that she call traffic control to get one of those vans that displays speed.

2. Land Use and Transportation with Clint Lundmark

Garlington Center Update 

  • Architects for the new Cascadia Garlington Redevelopment attended the meeting and brought sketch boards.
  • There will be two buildings one for housing one for medical built.
  • The housing building will house 52 residents.
  • They are thinking about placing a retail space at street level in the medical building.
  • They will present again, maybe in September, with the feedback they have been given.

Emanuel Hospital Update

  • The hospital would like a height exception for a new building located at the back of campus on Kirby
  • Land Use was not going to oppose this new building
  • A discussion about the empty lot at Vancouver and Russell occurred once again.
  • This lot has been empty since the 1970s when the hospital bulldozed the homes that were located there
  • There is a discussion regarding whether we hold the hospital to a higher standard
  • We have really big entities in our neighborhood: Nike, Blazers, Emanuel Hospital.  Would it be possible to ask them to form a partnership and create something on that lot that would honor the community that was destroyed?

New Building on 7th and Russell with Sue Stringer

  • There will be 68 units in this building with 45 parking spaces.
  • No retail on ground floor.
  • Traffic studies show that people are driving ten mph faster on 7th after the four-way stop at Knott because there are no stop signs or speed bumps.
  • Sue is worried this will continue and it will also become much busier.
  • Sue would like to see a marked and maybe lit crosswalk at 7th and Brazee where the Irvington School students cross.
  • Irvington Neighborhood has collected signatures on the east side of 7th and Sue collected Eliot signatures on the west side of 7th she would like Angela Kremer to write a letter from Eliot supporting any traffic calming measures we can use to make this area safer.
  • Joan Ivan moves to support Sue’s request, Clint Lundmark seconds, All in favor none opposed.

Affordable Housing in Portland with Angela Kremer 

  • There was a request from an Eliot resident who is a member of NE Affordable Housing subcommittee asking for 50% of Urban Renewal Funds be dedicated to affordable housing development. The Eliot resident wanted support from ENA.   The resident did not show up at the meeting to specifically present their needs.
  • Joan makes a motion that we table this discussion until we have more information.
  • After a round about discussion in which we stated we believe this is very important issue including the fact that want to look into Proud Ground acquiring homes within Eliot to encourage home ownership for low income families and also a percentage of all new buildings to have low-income housing.
  • Joan reasserted her opinion.  Everyone in favor, Angela abstains.
  • Angela encourages us to read the news and stay up to date about issues that are concerning Eliot residents so that even without representatives we can make decisions about pressing issues.

Joan Ivan brings up the point that our representative to NECN is not even attending ENA meetings which makes it a bit hard to represent the needs of ENA to NECN

Retreat and Bylaws Discussion with Angela Kremer

  • Angela would like a committee to clean up our bylaws. Specifically our purpose and mission.  Right now our purpose has eleven points to it and these could be better stated in one broad mission statement.
  • I (Kristin) stated that I like the vision we had when those eleven points were written up.  They show forward thinking but also a desire to protect what Eliot already has.  Instead of creating a committee maybe each of us could look at the eleven points and look at other Neighborhood association websites and create a concise mission for Eliot. I stated this could create unwanted chaos.
  • Jere Fitterman agreed to look at them and work on creating a mission for Eliot.
  • Pat Montgomery motions that the board approve Jere Fitterman to look at our purpose and make revisions. Sue seconds and all agree.

Board Elections

  • Angela Kremer
  • Joan Ivan
  • Sue Stringer
  • Pat Montgomery
  • Jim Hlava
  • Annie Rudwick
  • Clint Lundmark
  • Kristin Yates
  • Jeri Stein
  • Sue moves to nominate the board members above for the 2015-2016 year
  • Jim seconds, all in favor none opposed

Treasurer Update with Annie Rudwick

  • Over $8,000 in account. Annie will send out an invitation to a Google doc so we can all keep track of the account.
  • Annie motions the Eliot Neighborhood Chairperson have access to a a petty cash account with $100 for last minute Eliot neighborhood needs (coffee, printing etc.).
  • Sue Stringer seconds
  • Seven in favor
  • One in opposition

Neighborhood Updates

There will be lighting event on Portland Bridges starting February 3rd.