LUTC Minutes 2016-01-11

LUTC  January 11, 2016.


Committee: Mike, Clint, Allan, Laurie, Phil and Montse

Public: Sarah Radelet, Slavik Dezhnynk, Cecilia Becker, Sonya Melham, Akoya Wright, Ben Kaiser, Patti Vrobel, Kelly Gillard, Karen Karlsson, Rick Michaels, Patty Gardiner, Chris Gardiner.


-54 NE Stanton subdivision.

Slavick Dezhnynk proposing a 4 lot land division. Lots currently vacant.

The final development will include 2 buildings, 3 attached townhomes in the back of the lot and 1 single family home at the front of the property with common green track, 1 garage for the house and street parking for the townhomes.

Design plans not available at the moment, Slavick will come back when ready.

-Presentation: NE Fremont & Williams potential redevelopment discussion- SE corner next to future 8-story Cross-Laminated Timber Tower (Ben Kaiser, Rick Michaelson, & Kristin Slavin)

Petition to keep current RX zoning for this lot and not downsizing to CM3 as is proposed in the Comp Plan. Owner  is worried that a downzoning will break the character of the street, CM3 doesn’t need design review.

Rick and Karen want something good for the neighborhood; they don’t want to build any higher than 65 feet tall.

Ben Kaiser shares drawings of his future development vision for that site, a Live/Work alley that will run from NE Freemont to Ivy.

Motion 5-1 if we can have this in writing we can support to keep the zoning at RX if height limit stays at 65 feet, with retail in the first floor and residential on top.

-Patti Vrobel, resident.

She received a letter from the city about her lot being downzoned from R2.5 to R2A, she wanted some clarification of what that meant. Mike explained how the LUTC was trying to avoid”spot zoning” in hopes to maintain historical buildings and the neighborhood feel.

-Discussion: Cell Tower Proposal (Albina & Interstate – west side of Interstate)

Laurie had some issues with tower, it junks up the neighborhood.

Tower is not near residential area, existing towers already in place.

-Information: 133 NE San Rafael project

New two-car garage with living space above added to the west of the existing house and a two-story addition to the rear of the existing house.

-Information: Design review for a proposed  9-story tower at Schuyler and 2nd

Mixed use building with ground-level retail (3 spaces) and 8- floors of residential units. The building will include 116 below-grade parking spaces

Lot is zoned CX. LUTC supports high density in these corridors.

-Information: Homeless camp at N Kerby and Grant.

Resident Johnny—– sent a letter to Allan in hope that the LUTC supports the camp. Stating homelessness was a national epidemic.

LUTC felt that more information needed to be provided to make an official statement.

-Information: Renovation at Flint and Paige

Patty and Chris Gardiner are renovating their property.

Adding windows in the front of the building where they will run their engineering business.  They will build their house in the east side of their property. They hope to be done by the summer.

-Amend/approve last month’s minutes  Motion 6-0

Other Updates & Public Comment:

-Bike Greenway on Rodney.

Resident was requesting a change of stop sign directions, a lengthy discussion followed about the stop signs and their direction. A new kind of roundabout that can act as a speed bump was another option that was explored.

Laurie- A stop sign should be placed on Morris because of the school in that location.

Allan wanted to vote about changing stop signs direction. Motion: 2 in favor, 2 against it and 2 abstain.

-PSU Architecture Students. Sonya, Akoyo and Cecilia.

They are working on a project to about how to use architecture to provide density that translates in affordable housing without disrupting the neighborhood.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30

Minutes taken by Montserrat Arribillaga

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