Eliot Sewer and Stormwater Project Update

Waterline Relocation Work Schedule Update

The Water Bureau, in coordination with Environmental Services, has completed connecting recently relocated water lines in the project area. Additional work by the Water Bureau may occur in the project area if needed.  The Water Bureau will notify residents and business of any temporary disruption to water service.

Sewer Contruction Schedule Update

Crews will be working each Saturday in October in an effort to complete sewer construction on Rodney Avenue (Thompson to San Rafael), and on Tillamook Street (Rodney to Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard) before the end of the month.

One crew will focus on installing new public sewer connections from the main sewer line on Rodney to the curb in front of each home. An additional crew will focus on building a new main public sewer line on Tillamook Street between Rodney and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. Visit the Eliot Sewer and Stormwater Project site to view a map of the project area that shows where crews will be working in October.

Crews have patched trenches used for construction with temporary pavement. Permanent trench patching and street restoration is expected to occur in late October and early November.

Please be aware that schedules are subject to change due to a variety of factors, such as conditions underground, weather, traffic impacts, and subcontractor and materials availability issues. Sewer, water, and other utilities are expected to stay in service during sewer construction.

Final Trench Paving and Street Restoration. Did you know?

Crews have been using open trench construction to install new public sewer pipe in your neighborhood.  After sewer pipe has been installed in a location, the contractor patches the trenches used during construction with temporary pavement to make the street useable as soon as possible.

We are aware that several streets in your neighborhood have had temporary paving for an extended period. Periods of inactivity ranging from a few weeks to a few months are common between completing repairs and final trench paving for a variety of reasons. Most often delays are due to paving subcontractor availability issues and weather. Our intention is to restore streets where sewer construction has occurred in late October and early November. Thank you for your patience.

For More Information

Visit the Eliot Sewer and Stormwater Project site.  To receive email updates for this project, send an email to Matthew.Gough@portlandoregon. gov with “Eliot Updates” in the subject line.

Please let Environmental Services know if you have concerns such as business operations, disability issues or medical and business deliveries. As always, we will strive to provide a quick response to your concerns, minimal disruption of your residence or commercial business, and open and honest communication with you throughout the project.

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