LUTC Meeting Minutes 2018-10-08

Eliot Land Use and Transportation Committee Minutes

<DRAFT> Minutes not yet approved

Committee in Attendance: Allan, Clint, Jonathan, Brad, Phil

Guest presenters:

  • Vicki  Guinn, Legacy Public and Community Relations,
  • Ali Sadri, Legacy Site Planning & Construction (title might not quite be right)
  • MinNefer Mernahkem – Prosper Portland representative in charge of Hill Block process
  • David de la Rocha, Boise NA

7:00 Welcome guests, Introductions
7:10 Emanuel IMP – Ali Sadri
They have signed the contract for the core and shell of their Kerby Avenue expansion. This will Double their Operating Room Sizes, needed due to huge increase in equipment in each room. Project is replacing existing capacity, not increasing their capacity. They are licensed for 200 more beds than they have, but the average hospital stay is down to 2.5 from 4.5 days so they aren’t needing the space. More water line work coming to N Graham.
Institutional Zone coming, this will terminate the IMP that they operate under currently. Ali mentioned it seems to be a big increase in paperwork required.
They have no plans for new buildings in the next 2 years.
Legacy Emanuel has a Transportation Demand Management plan – we asked how hard they are pushing for alternate transportation modes. They’re adding bike shower rooms, more bike parking. Some questions about e-Car and e-bike plug ins.

7:45 Hill Block – MinNefer Mernahkem, Prosper Portland
The process is going along slowly. Legacy doesn’t know who they’ll be giving the land to, perhaps a new non-profit will be formed.
Memorandum of Understanding just signed. It appears there is still huge disagreement about what the land should be used for.
Long discussion about how we are supportive of the process and the general direction. We’ll be in listening mode until later. Some members mentioned that a large monolithic project would not be ideal, smaller spaces that can be programmed separately would reflect original use of the space and opportunity that if some uses flourished they could expand, any failing ones wouldn’t tank the whole project.

8:25 Eliot/Boise Border – David de la Rocha, Boise Neighborhood LUTC Chair
Discussion seemed to be in favor of adjusting the border to remove overlapping sites from the 2 neighborhoods. Everyone was in favor of the proposal less 1 block- the block bounded by Vancouver, Fremont, Ivy and Gantenbein. This block has food carts on a block owned by a member of the Eliot NA board. Not including him in the discussion seemed premature. Some members seemed to think the block should logically be in Eliot and were ready to cede the space to Boise, but the discussion was tabled until the Eliot NA Board the following week. The goal of all parties is to resolve this issue in the (relatively) near future

8:45 Discuss support letter for Central City in Motion, specifically the NE Broadway/Wiedler improvements? (projects:
Motion to send letter of support passed 5-0, Brad to write letter others to weigh in.

8:55 Approve minutes from October
Approved 4-0 with 1 abstension – one minor correction

8:59  Other updates? (parking permit district, N/S Neighborhood Greenway on 7th or 9th Ave, improving intersections around Tubman)
7th Avenue project doing more outreach.
Parking Permits going to Board meeting this coming week.

Adjourn 9:00 pm