Adopt-a-Block Update

Hi Friends and Neighbors. It’s always fun to announce our latest block adopter winner(s) of the New Seasons $100 gift certificate!  We award these quarterly and the winners, by lottery, this quarter are Brad Baker and Monique Gaskins! Congratulations! Here’s a little about them:

“We moved to Eliot just over a year ago from Goose Hollow and love the neighborhood. Some of our favorite things about living in Eliot are the friendly and welcoming neighbors, the morning crew at the Dishman, and all the delicious restaurants (yay Queen of Sheba!). We pick up trash on our adopted block a few times a week on the way home from the Dishman.”

Have you noticed an improvement in and around the Eliot Neighborhood as far as litter debris?  We sure hope you have because listed below are the  block adopters who have been working diligently to make this happen:

  • Jane – Hancock from MLK to 2nd
  • Brian- Knott from MLK to 7th
  • Christian & Andrew (Game Knight Lounge) south of Monroe  and west of Williams
  • Stacy-  Fargo from Rodney to MLK
  • Brad & Monique-  Rodney from Sacramento to Russell
  • Dana ( Windermere Realty Trust)- Cook between MLK and 7th
  • Lamar-  7th from Fargo to Monroe
  • Jim & Angela-  Rodney from Tillamook to San Raphael
  • Carlene- Cook & Ivy from MLK to 7th
  • Kasey & Aurelia- Thompson from Rodney to Williams
  • Shara-  Tillamook from Rodney to Williams
  • Corey (Farmers Insurance)-   Knott from MLK to 7th
  • Nathan (Microcosm Publishing)- A block in every direction from the corner  Williams & Graham
  • Jane-  Morris from MLK to 7th
  • Sue-  7th from Brazee to Russell
  • Jennifer (New Seasons) – Ivy & Fremont from Williams to MLK
  • Matt-  Rodney from Knott to Graham
  • Jodi-  Rodney from Sacramento to Thompson
  • Karla- Rodney from Tillamook-Thompson & Thompson from Rodney to MLK
  • Lauren- Tillamook from Rodney to MLK

If you are interested in joining this great group of people please connect with me, Lauren,  at   We have consistently added one person at every publishing so far, so please be that person!  SOLVE and Central City Concern support our efforts and supply us with bags, gloves etc.

Clean streets send a valuable message…We are proud of our neighborhood. We hope to spread the word that visitors to the area should respect our streets by holding onto their trash to dispose of or recycle. It is not just about a prettier neighborhood; community health research shows that neighborhood cleanliness has a measurable effect on residents’ mental health. (Washington Post, Aug. 17, 2018 “Study: When a city’s trashy lots are cleaned up, residents’ mental health improves”, Hui, M.)

Here are numbers you can call if you see large items illegally dumped, or code violations such as properties strewn with trash and debris:

  • Bureau of Development Services Enforcement Hot Line: 503-823-2633 (yes, you will speak to an agent)
  • Regional Illegal Dumping Patrol: 503-234-3000 (

To all the Adopters, THANK YOU for your tireless commitment to helping to create a safer, cleaner, healthier environment for all of our neighbors to live, work and play.

By Lauren Mullen