LUTC Meeting Minutes 2018-12-10

Eliot Neighborhood Association
Land Use and Transportation Committee Minutes
Location: 120 NE Knott St

In Attendence: Brad Baker, Phil Conti, Allan Rudwick from LUTC

Guests- Cole Cabler & associates (5 attendees).
Michael Pouncil – Portland Harbor Superfund discussion

  1. Harder Project Discussion (MLK and Thompson) – Cole Cabler & 4 associates
  • Large 2-story office building to replace warehouse space and office building that is very cramped an shoehorned into an old building.
  • Surface parking on east side
  • Cross Laminated timber builidng.
  • Lots of windows & light.
  • They own multiple surface parking lots along MLK also, will still use these for Employee parking.
  • Nice bike parking & showers inside.
  • Future potential development south of site.
  • They are leaving a lot of Floor Area Ratio (FAR) capacity on the table – potential to transfer to another site.
  • Building will fit in well with the 2-story buildings around it on MLK
  • Seems like this will make the walking experience better around that part of MLK, but still empty lots adjacent to this project will continue holding things back.

2. Portland Harbor Superfund Site

  • There is a push to change the Record of Decision (ROD) to weaken cleanup requirements
  • Existing cleanup cost before the change is $1.05 Billion, planned timeline 13 years
  • Money comes from companies that have polluted in the area in the past.
  • Some chemicals being re-classified as not as toxic, however analysis of similar compounds & how toxic they are in the mix they exist in in the Willamette has not been done.
  • Only 1 type of fish has been tested for toxins.
  • Comments due by Dec 21 to or by mail to EPA, Attn: Portland Harbor Superfund Comments, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 805 SW Broadway, Suite 500, Portland, OR 97205
  • document here details the changes that are proposed to the cleanup effort and why – super long and dense.

3. Goals for next year?

  • Discussed development guidelines a la Boise NA
  • Goals for city policy make sense, goals for development discussions might not. We are in line with NECN goals on city policy

4. Other updates?

  • Parking permit voting materials going out soon
  • NE Sacramento house relocation- they want a CM3 zone but we’re not sure why
  • Boise/Eliot border – Motion approved 3-0 to adopt Allan’s proposed border map.
    • Next steps – get board approval, confirm with Boise NA that they are on board, then amend Eliot NA Bylaws
  • Motion 3-0 to add Eryca Morris to parking subcommittee
  • Minutes approved from November.