Board Meeting Minutes 2018-12-17

ENA Board Meeting minutes Dec 17, 2018
St. Philip Deacon Episcopal Church
NE 120 Knott St.

Meeting called to order 6:35pm

Move to accept November minutes: unanimously approved

Presentation: ODOT I-405 approach ramps. This is separate from the 405 expansion project. ODOT will be repairing on/off ramps along the east side of i-405 between the Fremont Bridge and Going Street. The end result will look and function exactly like the current flow. Closures will happen on evenings and weekends between Spring 2019 and Fall 2020.

Introductions: Jere, Darren, Johnny, Brad, Maggie, Pat, Julio and Jimmy

Discussion/Question: Neighborhood Boundary – resolve overlap with Boise. They have told us what they want, we need to decide what we want, and make counter-proposal. There is some concern that this will continue to get drug out and not end up in Eliot’s favor. Group decides:

  1. We should each walk around disputed territory during daylight hours, to better understand terrain and flow.
  2. We will discuss again as a board at our January meeting, and come up with proposal to Boise.
  3. We will discuss with Boise at/around our February board meeting.



  • There are new neighborhoods joining NECN – our group is expanding to include some previously on the border w/ Southeast
  • NECN has many initiatives around homelessness, as it is a growing reality in our neighborhoods. See Walnut square conversation below…
  • Air quality concerns: City council has vote on the Diesel emisison standards (unaware of outcome.)
  • Superfund cleanup is in motion at mile 11 – which is Eliot!
    • Eliot neighbors are encouraged to sign a petition advocating for removal/cleanup of BPN, a toxin recently removed from the list
      Jere shared NECN’s board training materials

Parking: ballots still have not been sent out. Time will be limited for people to return. Pat had some input on Guest Passes, had seen mention online of how other neighborhoods do it.

LUTC: ODOT and “No More Freeways” present at next meeting (Jan 2nd). All board is invited – should be a good discussion.

Community Outreach:

  • Air Quality + Schools + General Livibility. Jimmy is very concerned. Would like to invite Ron Weiden to come defend his action/inaction
  • Police Chief Outlaw is already invited to come to a neighborhood church, could follow same format?
  • PCAP is restructuring (Police/Community accountability group)

Discussion/Question: Inclusion Consultant for board. Resolutions NW has lost a lot of funding, no longer a good fit to help us. Jere is seeking out other options for us to continue with this goal. Board would like to have a facilitator at our next meeting, to help us better outline our needs.

  1. She has met with an international Inclusion consultant who is willing to work with us. She will share more information about him so we can understand his approach
  2. Jimmy recommends a local pastor as mediator and advisor.

Discussion/Question: Street Trees / Friends of Trees. Matt Morrissey would like $110 reimbursement for the postage he paid to communicate opportunity to neighbors. Board wants a report back on who ends up getting trees. Livability Committee won’t know until April, but will report back.
Move to reimburse Matt: Maggie. Seconded: Pat. Unanimously approved.

Discussion/Question: Walnut Park is a new shelter in the Albina neighborhood. Will accommodate 80 adults, with preference to age 55+. Aim to serve people in our neighborhood (not from far-reaching or other states.) Board is interested in becoming involved with the shelter – possibly a game night or spaghetti meal. Jimmy will meet with them to find the best fit for our involvement.

Jimmy agrees to bring Spaghetti Dinner for January Meeting

Shireen hopes to bring food to February meeting (donation of wings?)

Meeting adjourned 8pm

Guests/Residents present:
Board Members present: Jere Fitterman, Maggie Gardner, Jimmy Wilson, Brad Baker, Johnny Engleheart Noel, Shireen Hasan, Darren Holcomb, Julio Mendoza, Patricia Montgomery.

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