LUTC Meeting Minutes 2019-06-10

ENA LUTC June 10th meeting minutes

submitted by Jonathan Konkol

Start at 7:05 with introductions.

Discuss agenda. Jonathan gave a brief intro/handouts to his Democratizing Density project and no amendments to the agenda.

Discussed minutes. Added Zac’s last name, Garrard, to the minutes. 

Motion to adopt minutes with minor change. Motion carried.

Started discussion about proposed letter of support for asking for more mixed use on ground floor in Overlook affordable housing development. This led to a lengthy discussion about displacement, affordability, new developments, tax incentives for development, the neighborhood changing, etc. 

Motion to not send letter and to reach out to Overlook NA Chair explaining our reasoning. Motion carried.

Short discussion about writing a letter of support for project at 3019 NE MLK. 

Motion to write letter of support and invite the project back to meeting to show updates next time they’re available. Motion carries.

Meeting adjourned at 8:10.

Attendees: Brad Baker, Monique Gaskins, Jonathan Konkol, Phil Conte, Zac Garrard, Jimmy Wilson, Quanita Wilson, Shireen Hasan