LUTC Meeting Minutes 2019-07-08

DRAFT- not yet approved Minutes

submitted by Allan Rudwick (recorder)

Main topic: Albina Railyard Relocation Project

Started at 7pm.

Committee in attendance: Committee: Brad, Allan, Jonathan, Monique, Zach, Phil.

Others in attendance: Mo Badreddine (Albina Railyard Relocation project), Amourie Downing (Dishman director), Grace Coffey (neighbor), Darren Holcomb (neighbor)

Albina Railyard Relocation Project – Mo Badreddine

  • Albina Railyard is way smaller than the railroad actually wants.  Mo has gotten real conversation started with Union Pacific which many others including the city have failed to do.  They are looking for $25k to “prove they are serious” and fund a feasibility study.
  • They might want to pursue fiscal sponsorship since they haven’t gotten 501(c)3 yet.
  • Reno ReTRAC project is a similar project if you want to see an example
  • Discussion included potential for the site, possible need for a new low bridge to connect across the river to really make the site reach full potential
  • Goal is to have this community driven and not give the whole site to a developer.
  • Motion to support the study passes 6-0

Other topics:

  • Area Parking Permit is going before council again.  Motion to re-send letter in support passes 6-0
  • Minutes approved from last time – Motion passes with some abstentions based on who was actually at the meeting
  • Matt Dishman Community center is having a block party 8/24 – 12-4pm.  They dropped off some fliers