LUTC Meeting Minutes 2020-05-11


submitted by Allan Rudwick

Attendees: Jessica & Dan, Elliott & Vlasta, Harrison & Lauren Osbourn- all stanton street residents
Full LUTC attendance: Allan, Brad, Jonathan, Phil
Stanton street speeding- 
more & more traffic, aggressive driving.  noticing it more now that home all day.
complaints about drug activity around the park potentially fueling the speeding issues.  
every day all day – 10-15 minutes between loud cars.
Motion (4-0): will write a letter.
– board: greater safety issues in Dawson Park.  
– drug dealing out of cars, other illegal behavior is becoming a major problem
Motion (4-0): 2nd letter – Jonathan to write
we need to beef up our greenways – the existing things aren’t going to cut it.
lots of examples & ideas are out there.
Minutes approved from April
Motion to write both letters- approved 4-0.
I-5 effort – monitoring
Rezone – Emanuel Lots east of Vancouver and St Philip the Deacon to CM3 proposed