LUTC Meeting Minutes 2020-07-13

DRAFT- Not Yet Approved.

submitted by Allan Rudwick

7:00 Open meeting, Welcome guests, Introductions (5 mins) 

-In attendance (Via Zoom):  Scott Cohen, PBOT. Committee: Jonathan, Allan, Brad

7:10 Neighborhood Greenways Discussion (30) 

  • Marketing for existing greenways
  • Going to get counts
  • Might do in-person surveys
  • Safe streets – healthy businesses, slow streets, and a pedestrian thing.
  • Slow streets might expand to other future greenways.
  • Stanton: could get money for racial equity
  • MLK – Scott to follow up.
  • Slow streets website:  

7:40 I-5 Expansion Update (10)

  • Motion(3-0) to send a letter to Kate Brown about I-5 expansion
  • Motion(3-0) to send a letter to Metro about I-5 expansion

7:50 Discuss upcoming projects and if we want to get involved (5)

  • Motion(3-0) to send a letter about the proposed Lot division letter on MLK near the dialysis clinic. Discussed commenting on what we want to see built and how we think the lot division will help/hurt

7:55 Approve Minutes (5)

  • Motion(3-0) May minutes Approved
  • Allan to try to get minutes on the website ASAP