February 15, 2022 LUTC Minutes

  • Present at today’s meeting:
    • Allan Rudwick
    • Brad Baker
    • Andrew Champion
    • Amelia Harris
    • Don Eiler
    • Jason Cohen
    • Paula
  • Introductions
  • Explanation of what LUTC does for new guests interested in the LUTC
  • PBOT guest speaker is not coming tonight due to illness
  • Discussion re: short term rental application at Rodney & Ivy (3412 NE Rodney)
    • LUTC historically has not taken a public position on STRs
    • Concern from guest about new STR application at that address representing that the owner lives on the premises but is not actually on site.
    • Based on the application, it sounds like it will be a “boarding house” style rental
    • Discussion about letting BDS know if there was a misrepresentation in the application
    • Paula going to reach out to zoning planner regarding a potential meeting/sit-down
  • Tax Appraisal Update
    • Houses in Eliot showing low tax rates due to low assessed values
    • Underutilized land in Eliot across the board—how to explore this.
  • Graham Lot Split Discussion
    • Will be done on a 100’ by 150’ lot
    • Will write the city a letter in support – Brad

One thought on “February 15, 2022 LUTC Minutes

  1. Regarding the Gram Lot Split…

    Of course the neighborhood will write a letter of support. Of course.

    I wish the neighborhood and community appreciated our large backyards instead of so desperately trying to cram housing in every nook and cranny. I am thankful to have had a big back yard while in quarantine during the pandemic.

    When I originally came to Eliot I always thought our unique lot sizes would be an asset for those who want to have a large garden, grow fruit trees, raise chickens, have outdoor living space, give their kids room to play and still be in a walkable portion of the city. Instead we eliminate back yards, eliminate privacy and encourage kids to “play” indoors in front of screens. Oh well.

    It looks like the original homes are being retained, hopefully, so that is a win. It would be a nice change if the new buildings are lower than max density and maybe even some owner occupied housing units or single family homes. Probably not though.

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