Street Sign Caps and More Trees

Sign Caps
Sign Caps from around Portland

The Beauty and Livability Committee was formed in 2012 to implement the Neighborhood Livability Partnership. This one-of-a-kind Partnership between the Lloyd Community Association, Eliot neighborhood, and the Portland Arena Management (Trail Blazers) is a unique opportunity for political support, collaboration and physical investments. The focus of improvement is the area between Weidler and Russell from south to north and between NE 7th to the river, an area plagued by sports-related traffic and parking issues. In April of 2013, the Eliot Board of Directors voted to accept funding from the Neighborhood Livability Partnership for two projects. The Board approved the funds for planting 14 street trees and the Intersection Repair, a painting on Tillamook and Rodney Avenue, completed by over 50 volunteers who designed and completed the project in June 2013. Unused funding from 2013 will roll forward since the funding from the Trail Blazers offers three-consecutive years at $5,000 per year for improvements. The Beauty team is hoping that they will be able to partner with landowners for matching funds to implement larger projects.

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Neighborhood Livability Partnership

The Eliot Neighborhood Association has a vital role in helping leaders connect to each other. Our meetings increase the sense of cohesion and community through partnerships and funding with other groups and through special initiatives. In April of 2012, a group of Eliot residents secured a partnership agreement, the Neighborhood Livability Partnership. The Partnership has three equal partners, the Eliot Neighborhood Board, the Lloyd District Community Association, and Portland Arena Management (PAM), the management group that oversees the Rose Quarter. Like all partnerships, each entity has shared goals and individual perspectives. The Partnership has been formalized with a signed Agreement between each of the three partners that focuses on preserving the historic character of Eliot while improving the livability and accessibility of the area.

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Box Lift Building Opens with New and Old Businesses

Boxlift Building

If you’ve walked or driven down MLK towards Broadway at night you may have noticed the illuminating lights of the rehabbed green building known as the Boxlift Building.  The olive green building recently was completely renovated through a financial and technical assistance from the Portland Development Commission.  The Boxlift, located two blocks north of the future Streetcar and a block from Tiny’s at Tillamook, signals a key piece in the walkable, mainstreet feeling on this section of Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.  The remaining 7000 (+/-) square feet of space to be leased in the building, offers a question for Eliot: does Martin Luther King start to act as meeting places that link Eliot residents to Irvington and Boise?  Can residents finally enjoy destinations in Eliot by safely crossing through busy, car-dominated streets?

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Eliot’s GNA Committee for the Rose Quarter

The Rose Quarter is a regional attraction with regional traffic, noise and trash that impacts the Eliot Neighborhood. The redevelopment of the Rose Quarter is both an opportunity and threat to the livability of Eliot. Fortunately, there is a way for Eliot neighbors to have a say in what happens in the Rose Quarter; the Good Neighbor Agreement.

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