We want your house (for very little)

As the folksingers say, “To every thing, there is a season.” In Eliot at least, when times are hard and real estate prices are down, it is time for the flippers to emerge from their holes.

“We want to buy your house,” proclaim the signs on telephone poles. So do letters from Phoenix Homes, Metro Homes Northwest, and many others. They promise “cash, in any condition, no real estate fees.”

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Schuyler = Mississippi?

Trade Bindery Building
Trade Bindery Building

What do Pine State Biscuits, Sizzle Pie Pizza, the Community Cycling Center, and Reverend Nat’s Cider have in common? All are expected to be new tenants in the re-purposed Trade Bindery building on NE Schuyler between NE 1st and 2nd. In fact, the Community Cycling Center moved their administrative office around the first of March (their storefront on Alberta is unaffected).

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Construction on MLK

MLK Construction Sites
Map of new projects on MLK. Two story buildings (B,C), Four stories (D), Five stories (A)

I’ve lived in Eliot for 5 years now, and Martin Luther King, Junior Boulevard (MLK) is less than half a block from my house. If I had to use one word to describe it I would say ‘highway’ probably. The traffic is what defines MLK, slow and busy at rush hour, and fast and sparse throughout the rest of the day.

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From Vacant to Vibrant

The stage at Boise Eliot Village Square

If you have driven by the SE corner of Fremont and Williams lately, you can see that something very colorful and exciting is happening there.

It is the Boise Eliot Village Square and it will be a public market place with live music, theatre, gospel on Sunday’s and some democracy and educational forums as well. The public market will be open on Friday and Saturday 12-8 and Sunday 12-6.

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Construction is nearing halfway on the Children’s Hospital

By Julie Reed

Structural Frame of Children’s Hospital at Legacy Emanual

The structural framework for the new nine-story, 334,000 sq. ft. Children’s Hospital at Legacy Emanuel has created a visible presence on the east Portland landscape. The new building project is 45 percent complete and is expected to open in spring 2012.

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Baseball Stadium Opposition

At the April 13th General Membership meeting the Eliot Neighborhood Association voted to oppose the current plan for development of a minor league baseball stadium in the Rose Quarter and to work on a Good Neighbor Agreement. Though the Rose Quarter is not in Eliot, it borders the neighborhood and has an impact on neighbors.

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City and Metro Planning Activities

Writing this column about land use issues in our neighborhood tends to get my dander up because our neighborhood seems to bear the brunt of some poor land use policies and decisions. The problem with that is that I want to discuss more issues in more detail than space in this column allows. I have been encouraged therefore, to participate in the Eliot web site land use blog to supplement the Eliot News column and to provide more timely news. I haven’t blogged before, so you may have to bear with me. As a result, I am going to try to just present highlights of current land use and transportation issues in Eliot News and provide more background, detail, and discussion on the web site.

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Building Green

Around the Neighborhood…

I recently found out that the Irvington newsletter has featured a column of the same title (Around the Neighborhood) for several years.  Apologies to Dick Levy, but I decided to keep using this title anyway.

This column is for Earth Day, April 22nd.  One of my pet peeves in the land use/development world is how politicians and businesses get away marketing themselves as “green” when they are anything but.  Recent articles have extolled how “green” Oregon and Portland are.  Also, several recent housing developments in Eliot have made the same claim.  The combination finally set me off.

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