Pending Sewer Work

Sewer Repair Map
Map of South Eliot sewer repair project.

Residents of south Eliot and others may have noticed all of the colored paint on the street, sidewalk and even parking strips as well as surveyors blocking traffic on MLK weekend mornings.  This is all part of planning for the City’s South Eliot Sewer and Storm Water Project. The project is tentatively scheduled to begin in the spring of 2017, so it is a ways off.

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Brief History of Cascadia’s Garlington Center

Cascadia Garlington Center
Cascadia Garlington Center

From outward appearances, Cascadia’s  Garlington Center rests quietly along today’s lively Northeast Martin Luther King Junior  Boulevard. But inside the center’s front doors is a bustling lobby where every week, hundreds of people go to get the help they need to deal with challenges ranging from mental illness to recovering from drug or alcohol addictions.

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Update: 7th and Russell

7th and Russell
Proposed development on 7th and Russell

Dan Neal, developer from Paradigm Properties in Eugene, has notified the neighbors around NE 7th and Russell that excavation will begin shortly for the development of the 6 story building that has been planned to be built among the single family homes on the border of Eliot and Irvington neighborhoods.

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C. Mebus House Demolished

2318 Rodney
C Mebus house just before final demolition

Another historic single family home in Eliot was demolished back in July. At the same time the large old trees were removed leaving a flat, barren lot. The house sat at 2318 NE Rodney and according to a neighbor was occupied by the same family for a very very long time.  It had fallen into disrepair over the last 25 or so years. However, like most houses that have been erased from the neighborhood, it is very likely it could have been salvaged and restored into a great starter home for a new family.

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Proposed Development

Development in North Eliot.  P - proposed, C - under construction.  CS- construction staging.
Development in North Eliot. P/Pr – proposed, C – under construction. CS- construction staging.

There are quite a few projects going up right now in and around Eliot.  North Eliot is getting most of the action. The two proposed large six-plus story tower developments at NE Fremont and Williams as well as the project at NE 7th and Russell have driven the most uproar.  However, there are a number of  other developments being proposed  or already under construction.

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Demand Redesign at City Council

Demand Redesign supporters at City Council
Demand Redesign supporters at City Council

Two representatives from the steering committee of Demand Redesign, Susan Stringer and Montse Shepherd, presented a statement to city council on Wednesday, January 28th regarding the development by Dan Neal of Paradigm Properties at NE 7th Avenue and NE Russell Street.

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Flurry of Development Changing Eliot

Some of the recent and proposed development in and around Eliot.

During the great recession of 2008, many construction projects nationwide halted. New project proposals slowed to a rate that has not been seen in recent memory. Property values fell nationwide, but some interesting trends were associated with those changes. More Americans are starting to value walkable, close-in neighborhoods, like Eliot, over more car-dependent areas. And these preferences are not just with their hearts but also with their dollars. This was a trend that has been going on in Portland for quite a while, but it is having some real results on the ground in Eliot in the ‘10s.

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Keep or Lose?

Sunday, June 23’s Oregonian highlighted the intention of city planners and others to attack what they see as “gentrification” by targeting higher density and subsidized housing for low-income tenants. Eliot was in the bull’s eye of the map on the front page. What the article, the PSU teacher, and city staff don’t know about either gentrification, or its remedies, could fill multiple copies of the Eliot News.This is especially the case since the way the term is used is to highlight displacement of Portland’s black residents from the inner city neighborhoods they were restricted to live in by City policies up until the 1970’s.

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