Tips for waterwise gardening

By Rose Kelsch

Water Gauge Kit

One of the things that makes Eliot such a great place to live is our beautiful lawns and gardens. Local residents also have a strong commitment to preserving the community’s natural resources, and we frequently hear from Eliot gardeners who are looking for new and better ways to save water while keeping their gardens green and healthy in the dry summer months.

Good news: the Regional Water Providers Consortium has some great free resources to help Eliot residents do just that.

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Expanding a Family… The Portland Way

Urban Chickens in front of their coop.

Over the last several years Portland has undergone a transformation of sorts with city dwellers getting creative in how they Urban Farm.  Many have created their own garden boxes to grow organic vegetables, planted fruit trees in their yards and parking strips, and added berry bushes to their landscaping, all using compost they’re making from kitchen and yard scraps.  The latest trend is keeping chickens in the city.

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Help make Eliot “waterwise”

Water Gauge Kit

Did you know water usage in the Portland Metro area can more than double and even triple during the summer months? We Oregonians work hard to keep our lawns and gardens green in hot and dry weather. Many of us have heard the advice to water our lawn about an inch a week – and more during hotter weather – but few of us actually know what that means. In fact, many people actually over-water their lawns without realizing it.

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My Urban Farmer

Urban Garden

At the first signs of spring when the crocuses and daffodils poke their heads up, my husband gets excited about starting to plant his “farm” as we like to call it.  He scours seed catalogs reading all about the new varieties of heirlooms available.  We make the first of many quick trips to Livingscape Nursery, just north of NE Freemont on N Vancouver Ave.  They carry our favorite brand of seeds, Territorial Seed Company, lots of plants, flowers, fruit trees, and baby chickens which are always fun to see.

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Port City Digs New Garden

Port City Community Garden
Port City clears a lot for a community garden

Port City Development will plant a vegetable garden this spring on a vacant lot near Williams and Tillamook. The half-acre lot is being loaned free-of-charge by Jim Howell, a retired architect and building planner. Port City Development is a non-profit organization in Eliot that serves adults with developmental disabilities.

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