Historic Martin Mayo House Slated for Demolition

Historical black and white photo of Martin Mayo house in 1929
Historic Martin Mayo house in 1929

The Eliot neighborhood may soon be losing an historic resource, a cute house with a unique curved front porch connected to a man who dedicated much of his life to the community over one hundred years ago.  The house now at 206 NE Sacramento Street is a little bit tucked away behind shrubbery on a double-sized lot and proposed to be replaced by bland modern higher density housing.  The current owner, Danielle Isenhart of Emerio Design based in Beaverton, filed a demolition permit earlier this spring and was approved on May 4th.  The one condition posed by the city was a demolition delay of 120 days to provide a possible alternative to the destruction of a historic resource.

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Help Stop Demolition of Martin Mayo House

Martin Mayo House
Martin Mayo House in 2018. Photo by Sue Stringer

You can help stop the demolition of 206 NE Sacramento and its urban forest garden. The surrounding community is organizing a petition and appeal to save this historic house and edible forest garden from proposed development.

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Neighbors in Recovery Give Back

VOA MRC Building

I don’t want to be selfish and want to be the best person I can be”.  This is a quote from a new neighbor you may not have met yet. You also may not be familiar with at least 50 other new neighbors who want you to know how much they appreciate being in this neighborhood.  They reside in the building at MLK and NE Sacramento, which is the home of the Volunteers of America Men’s Residential Center.  It is the place that 52 men call home for 6 months while overcoming addiction and working on recovery.  They are our neighbors and they would like Eliot to know a little more about them, how they are helping our neighborhood and the program that they are going to be graduating from.

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