The Green Garage Opens in Eliot

Green Garage

The biking community in Portland continues to grow, making our city healthy and cleaner with fewer car on the roads.  One of the major bike-ways in Portland passes though Eliot’s Lower Albina area.  A new bike shop opened last fall just off of Interstate on North Mississippi. The location is very convenient to all the Interstate cyclists who pass by every day.

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A Little Greener

Timbers Army Planting a Tree in Eliot

On Saturday February 11th Eliot neighborhood turned a little less gray and little more greener. New trees were planted in the neighborhood at the annual Friend of Trees neighborhood planting.  As has been tradition the last few years, Eliot joined Boise, Humboldt and King to plant tress in North and Northeast Portland.

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The Albina Cooperative Garden, A Local Experiment in Self-Organization

By Shara Alexander

Albina Cooperative Garden

Yes, now it is Winter, but soon it will be Spring. Green buds will be pushing out from every plant node. You will have the urge to get outside and grow things. How will you start your vegetable growing experiment in the year 2012? Will you go alone outside to your muddy back yard (not to malign your back yard), or to the little pot on your windowsill (it’s a lovely windowsill, by the way), or to the parking strip you tore up last year (well, that’s not really a problem, the grass will grow back) and wonder “what next? Do I have to do this alone?”

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