LUTC Meeting Minutes 2018-02-12

Eliot Land Use and Transportation Committee
Minutes from February 12, 2018 Meeting

Meeting was called to order by the Chair.

A quorum of the LUTC was present

Magnolia phase 2 (NE MLK at Fargo)

The bulk of the meeting was spent discussing the magnolia phase 2.  This is intended to be a cheaper-to construct version of the Magnolia project, 4 stories instead of 5 with no ground floor commercial.  The LUTC commented about the street-level apartments having blinds up forever on many ground-floor apartments and we felt that it was a loss to not have a more active use of the street frontage.  In the back there is a proposal for a maker space to teach trade crafts to residents and other community members.  The LUTC suggested a different color pallet than the grey that was proposed, and possibly making space for a basketball hoop in their parking lot area.  The applicant indicated that they don’t have a ton of lee-way because the project is partially funded by the Portland Housing Bureau which wants to make sure that it is getting a good deal in terms of cost per unit for projects that they are funding. There was a brief conversation about the awkwardness of the proposed design of the bike room.

Micro-housing at Williams and Fargo (previous responses)

The developer did not attend.  Brad agreed to go to the hearing in March.  There was frustration from the group.  After the meeting, the Chair discovered that certified sent to Eliot care of NECN did not make it to us and was the result of the developer not attending a meeting.

Demolition Request at 19 NE Morris (Mike Warwick) 

This was brought up but no real discussion about saving the house happened.

Approve minutes from January

  • Minutes were to be amended and approved.

Other updates (parking permit district, N/S Neighborhood Greenway on 7th/9th)

  • parking permit district is coming along, the toolkit was passed.  Eliot has submitted to be a pilot district.  However, there were concerns that the solution could be worse than the problem and it all comes down to implementation.  This will be a topic at future meetings, I am sure

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