iUrban Teen is offering summer activities to teens and adults

iUrban Teen is a STEM+Arts education program that brings together underrepresented teens and young adults for career exploration and mentoring.

Click HERE to view and register and also visit their website at https://iurbanteen.org for more information about their programs and opportunities to donate or work with this great organization

NEW Details: Dawson Park FREE Concert this THURSDAY, July 22 5pm

  • MC is the one and only Joe Bean Keller
  • Live jazz music by the Yugen Music Project
  • Family-friendly event including kids activity area provided by Irvington Co-operative Preschool
  • Raffle prizes from the Nike Community Store on MLK
  • Learn about Eliot’s history and tell us your story – Storytelling booth
  • Give your input for a new intersection/street painting
  • Food carts
  • Picnic Box offered by Lottie and Zula’s at 120 NE Russell St, 503-333-6923 to order and bring to the event check out the link here: https://checkout.square.site/buy/6UXV2YEQZCDKD5KGTWIAILYO
  • BBQ by Eliot Neighborhood Association with meat provided by Cason’s Fine Meats
  • Covid Vaccine Clinic offered by REACH of Multnomah County Health Department
  • Variety of vendor booths
  • After Concert at Ex-Novo at 2326 N Flint and a portion of the Eliot IPA beer sales will go to the Eliot Neighborhood Association

This is the first of 4 events this summer/fall. (Other event dates: August 26, September 16, October 7)

Bring your family and friends and enjoy an evening at Dawson Park. Food available for purchase on-site or pack a picnic and snacks, don’t forget a blanket or low lawn chairs.

We can’t wait to see you all at the event!

To become a volunteer, sponsor, or vendor visit the Concerts page… we’d love you to be a part of this event or one of the 3 upcoming events!

Eliot Neighborhood Association Board Meeting Agenda Monday 7/19/2021 7:00pm

Co-Chairs: Jimmy Wilson and Allan Rudwick

Join Zoom Meeting (phone instructions at bottom)

Pre-Meeting – Dawson Park Concert meeting at 6:00pm

Agenda (subject to changes):

  • Welcome and Introductions – 7:00pm
  • Agenda Additions?
  • (Amber Boydston) Coming back Home to our Humanity: A brief reminder of our African Origins, Turtle Island’s inextricable foundation for our continued success, and the ongoing pursuit of Black Liberation in a once white Utopia – Oregon
  • Neighborhood updates
    • Dawson Park Concert- July 22nd – update
    • Land Use- no update- skipped July
    • Newsletter
    • other topics
  • Public Comment
  • Adjourn

please consider joining by phone if you have connection issues

Dial by your location
        +1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)
Meeting ID: 921 9954 0103
Passcode: 714644
Find your local number: https://zoom.us/u/adBQ1yPQO0

Help out with future heat waves – Air conditioner Drive July 24th in Eliot

I recently received this information from Emanuel Displaced Persons Associaion 2 (EDPA2). In response to 116 people dying during the heatwave a few weeks ago, EDPA2 is organizing a portable air conditioner drive.

Most of the dead lived in Multnomah County!!! According to reports they died because they did not have air conditioners and/or fans. People literally died in their homes from HEAT!!!!!  This doesn’t need to happen again. I’m organizing an air conditioner and fan drive. On Saturday July 24th between the hours of 9am and 2pm in the parking lot of the Knott Street Dermatology clinic located at 301 NE Knott (across the street from the Albina Library). Like all of you, I am busy as hell but together we can make this a success.

Here is what’s needed,
1. Will some folks identify/locate people in need of a mini portable air conditioner and/or fan with a focus on senior citizens living alone? 
2. Will someone create a flyer for this event? It should invite folks to participate by purchasing a mini portable air conditioner and/or fan and to drop them off at the event. People in need of a mini portable air conditioner and/or fan can pick them up at the event
3. We need folks at the event to direct traffic and to receive the fans/mini portable air conditioners
4. We need folks to drop off the fans/air conditioners as they are received
5. Will someone look up  mini air conditioners to see which ones work the best and other information
6. Will someone compile a list of tips and advice for how to stay cool while home alone
7. WE need some tables and chairs 
9. What else, what else, what else? If you think of anything please let me know
I thank you in advance for your willingness to volunteer

For more information, contactedpa2@gmail.com

How To Register your Child for Elementary School

Hi Eliot Parents. I wanted to put some information on how to register your child for school. I know a few years ago when my Kindergartener started at Boise-Eliot/Humboldt Elementary on N Fremont it was a bit confusing what I needed to do. Registering your child earlier helps to figure out how many teachers will be needed at each grade level. Here are some instructions from the administration there.

This is how to enroll a student that is new to Portland Public Schools.

Collect this information

  • Proof of age document (birth certificate, passport or similar document)
  • 2 address verification documents. Examples include mortgage, rental agreement, utility bills (dated within the last 30 days at the time of enrollment), insurance or governmental assistance statement.
         Parent name, home address and date must be visible
         If you cannot provide two proofs of address, contact the Enrollment and Transfer Center
  • Immunization record
         Information on the Vaccine Requirements by grade level can be found on the 
       Multnomah Education Service District Immunization website
  • Vision and Dental Screening Information (7 years old and under only)
  • Emergency contact information
  • Previous school’s contact information (not required at the start of Kindergarten)
  • Individualized education (IFSP, IEP) or special services (504) plan, if applicable

Online registration process

The online registration will enroll the student at the school assigned to the address where you reside. If the student is on an approved transfer to a different school, connect with the transfer school for enrollment options. If you experience technical difficulties with the online registration, email IT Support at support@pps.net.

  1. Go to:
      Online Registration Site
  2. Click Activate Account/Reset Password
  3. Click Create a New Account
  4. Read the Privacy Statement and if you agree, click I Accept
  5. Enter your account information and click Continue to Step 3
  6. Refer to the confirmation email you should have received and follow the next steps

Once you have submitted the online registration, school staff will reach out to you about completing the enrollment.

Paper registration process

Complete the paper Student Registration Form and turn in to your school secretary with all supporting documents.

Enrolling in Kindergarten

If you are working with Portland Public Schools to develop an IEP for kindergarten, because your child received preschool special education services and has an IFSP, your child will be enrolled automatically in your neighborhood school. You will be able to verify demographic information and upload required verification documents at the end of summer through ParentVUE. If you are granted enrollment into an immersion program or PPS school other than your neighborhood school your students’ enrollment will reflect that change. 

The Untouchable Eliot Mess

By Anonymous

You wake up to the boom of a car stereo or the smell of cigarette smoke wafting through the back bedroom window. Aggressive drivers rev their engines and honk their horns. It sounds like rush hour, but it’s 6 AM, and this is the destination.

All-day long, looking outside is like playing bingo. Across, the headings are categories like violence, drugs, sex, vandalism, and driving.

Continue reading The Untouchable Eliot Mess

FREE Dawson Park Concert – Thursday July 22nd

Join us at Dawson Park Thursday, July 22 from 5-8pm for a free jazz concert and family-friendly event. See the flier below for more details and also visit the website CONCERTS page here for more details and to sign up to be a sponsor, vendor, volunteer or just to donate.

We hope to see you there and to celebrate coming together again as a community. Tell you friends!

We hope to have 3 more events this summer and fall.

Within and Beyond the Borders of Eliot: Murals and Street Art

By Julie Doumbia and Sue Stringer

It’s been a while since we have had a Within and Beyond the Borders of Eliot column. For this issue, we think it’s time for a sequel to the piece the Eliot News did three years ago. There’s a proliferation of new murals and street art in and around our neighborhood. You can also find the map online with links to larger color photos than we could publish in the print version. See the FAQs below the map legend for more information about murals and street art. Photo credits Julie Doumbia and Sue Stringer.

So put on some walking shoes and enjoy a day of wandering through the neighborhood and enjoy the free art show accessible to all. We’re still waiting to get an update on the new mural/art on the building at NE Russell and MLK Blvd., so check back with us in the fall for that one. Also, a mural was approved to be painted on PICA’s and RH Brown’s buildings. Installation starts sometime this summer or fall.

Click the link HERE to navigate to the Google map with all the murals and art and their locations. For a preview of what is on the map see the information below:

1. Women Making History: N Harding Ave and N Interstate Ave sponsored by In Other Words Women’s Books and Resources (closed) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women_Making_History_in_Portland Artist Robin Corbo

2. Mural plus lots of street art: Ecliptic Brewing Warehouse 2410 N Interstate Artist  Pablos Murals https://pablosmurals.com

3. MLK Jr. Mural 627 N Tillamook St: Artist Shane Grammer @shanegrammerarts, https://shanegrammer.com

4. Night Stars, Camping & street art: 2410 N Interstate Ave Ecliptic Brewing warehouse

5. Geometric patterns and scenes: N Mississippi and N Fremont (NE corner)

6. Salmon along a fence: Boise-Eliot-Humboldt Elementary N Borthwick at N Cook St

7. Michelle Obama: residential front door 329 N Fremont St. Artist Dianne Bocci

8. People and aliens: Grains of Wrath 3901 N Williams

9. Tropical fruits and desert-scape: MF Tasty food truck 3925 N Williams Ave

10. Geometric shapes: Parallax apartments 4030 N Williams Ave

11. Urbanscapes: Cook St apartments parking lot access via N Ivy between Williams and Vancouver

12. North Portland Jazz Scene “Unite Us”: Above The Waypost 3120 N Williams Ave

13. Honey in the Bee Ball—I Can’t See Y’all – Medallions: Dawson Park fence N Williams Ave at N Stanton St. Artist Isaka Shamsud-Din

14. Geometric design: Breadwinner Cycles 2323 N Williams Ave

15. Frogs: Port City Gallery (closed) 2170 N Williams

16. Birds: Pacific North Press 16 NE Tillamook St

17. Flowers: Tillamook Row 22 NE Tillamook St

18. “MIKE” (Multicultural Integrated Kidney Education Program) Mural: 1914 NE 7th Ave. Artist Robin Corbo

19. “In My Skin”: PDX RedWall, Oregon First Realty 2106 NE MLK Jr.- Rotating art -current artist Jason Hill

20. “Together” Rotating Mural: Open Signal 2766 NE MLK Jr. Artist: Limei Lai

21. Mural (by students?): Growing Seeds Child Development Center: 2808 NE MLK Jr.

22. “In My America” Flag mural: 2915 NE MLK Jr.

23. Mural and Tiles and Sculpture: Cascadia/Garlington Center NE MLK Jr and NE Morris St. Artists south side bldg. mural –Arvie Smith, panels at the front door on MLK –Jeremy Davis, sculpture by the parking lot –Hillary Pfiefer

24. “Jumptown Video Wall”: The Magnolia apartments 3262 NE MLK Jr. Artist Pamela Chipman. Thomas Robinson and Portland City Archive contributed photos and videos

25. Residential garage mural: 435 NE Cook St. Artist Ryan Bubnis

26. Waves of color: Mothership Music 3611 NE MLK Jr. Artist Pablos Murals

27. “Peace in the Hood”: mural on residential wall 3792 NE MLK Jr.

28. Women and shapes: Luna Wellness 3801 NE MLK Jr

29. Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and BLM Protestors mural: North side of Sengatera Ethiopian Restaurant 3833 NE MLK Jr.

30. MESO murals, plant/art piece, garage mural -4008 NE MLK Jr. Artists: Southside -Adia Gibbs, Latoya Lovely, Kyra Watkins, Alex Chiu, Emmanuel Dempsey. Panels/plants -Peg Butler. Northside Isaka Shamsud-Din, Garage – Emmanuel Dempsey

FAQ about Murals and Street Art

What is street art?

  • Street art is visual art created in public locations for public visibility.
  • Themes may be historic, political, social critique, abstract, etc. depending on the intent of the person commissioning the art or the artist themselves.

Why is street art important? What’s the big deal?

  • Street art is a way for an artist to share their perspective and thoughts with the broader community in a very public way. For example, given the rapid gentrification in this part of N/NE Portland and associated demographic shifts, its not surprising that there are historic scenes depicted in street art to remember how the neighborhood used to feel and educate newcomers that there is a lot of history here.
  • Protest can take many forms and street art is one way to comment on social or political injustice. Due to its visibility, it can be a powerful way for artists to make their voice heard. For example, after the BLM protest marches began following George Floyd’s murder, many of the plywood panels (bare or chaulked) that started going up in downtown Portland began filling up with images and statements ranging from anti-police messages to motivational quotes and anti-racist statements and images (see https://www.streetroots.org/news/2020/07/11/photos-art-uprising).
  • Urban art provides a unique sense of place that attracts happy pedestrians, customers, and employees. Street art contributes greatly to the development of the ‘creative city’ (Portland Street Art Alliance website).

What is the difference between street art and graffiti?

  • It can be difficult to cleanly separate these forms at times, but street art tends to be image-based with a community/social commentary or purpose, while graffiti tends to be word-based and may be done for a variety of reasons that vary by person but may include a sense of not belonging, not being heard, resentment, lack of other outlets for creative energy, for the fear/adrenaline, or it be associated with gang activity, to name a few.

Where can I go to learn more about street art?

  • Portland Street Art Alliance (pdxstreetart.org) has a lot of great information on their website, including recommended reading and walking tours where you can see many examples of local street art and (legally) try your hand at painting techniques at their location.

I’m interested in commissioning a mural for my property, where can I go to get information?

  • If there’s a work you already like, check to see if there’s Instagram or other contact information for the artist. Many artists who have done the Eliot installations are local artists.  

Portland Street Art Alliance has a long history of supporting community connections and they can help you scope your project and connect with an artist: http://www.pdxstreetart.org/commissions