Planning Eliot

The Comprehensive Plan process continues. The second round of plan comments ended December 31. The Comp Plan, as it is called, is a 20-year blueprint for how the City of Portland envisions its growth and development in the upcoming two decades. It will affect how all of Portland’s neighborhoods and streets evolve, especially close in neighborhoods like Eliot. Some of the plan’s outlines were already agreed upon in the NE Quadrant Plan that was covered in the Eliot News previously. That two year effort proposed a number of changes to zoning along Broadway and into Eliot and west of Williams south of Russell.

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Tree Inventory

By Jeff Ramsey 

Street Tree
Newly Planted Street Tree

For the past four years, Portland Parks and Recreation (PP&R) has sponsored street tree inventories in neighborhoods across Portland as a way to assess the condition of the urban forest and build community around this shared resource. Thus far, the project has collected information about the location, species, health, and size of nearly 70,000 trees in 17 neighborhoods.

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Street Sign Caps and More Trees

Sign Caps
Sign Caps from around Portland

The Beauty and Livability Committee was formed in 2012 to implement the Neighborhood Livability Partnership. This one-of-a-kind Partnership between the Lloyd Community Association, Eliot neighborhood, and the Portland Arena Management (Trail Blazers) is a unique opportunity for political support, collaboration and physical investments. The focus of improvement is the area between Weidler and Russell from south to north and between NE 7th to the river, an area plagued by sports-related traffic and parking issues. In April of 2013, the Eliot Board of Directors voted to accept funding from the Neighborhood Livability Partnership for two projects. The Board approved the funds for planting 14 street trees and the Intersection Repair, a painting on Tillamook and Rodney Avenue, completed by over 50 volunteers who designed and completed the project in June 2013. Unused funding from 2013 will roll forward since the funding from the Trail Blazers offers three-consecutive years at $5,000 per year for improvements. The Beauty team is hoping that they will be able to partner with landowners for matching funds to implement larger projects.

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Eliot Comments on Portland’s Comprehensive Plan

Eliot Neighborhood Association Proposed Comp Plan Zoning Amendments

Submitted by Mike Warwick, Land Use Chair

Our purpose is to protect and preserve the historic properties and character of the former City of Albina, to better align zoning to the prevailing development preferences of residential infill developers and to address underutilization of property over the past 20 years due to inappropriate zoning, both too high a residential density for single lots under separate ownership and parcels along MLK.

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