A World Champion in Our Midst

Photo of Molly McConnel
Molly McConnell, world champion boxer and owner of McConnell’s Boxing Academy

Place yourself at the corner of NE 7th and NE Broadway. What businesses do you remember seeing there? A few weeks ago, I would have said, “A mattress store, a few bars, restaurants, and the Les Schwab tire dealership.”

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Fishpeople: Sustainability is Key

New home of Fishpeople on MLK at Russell
New home of Fishpeople on MLK at Russell

It all started at Cascade Head at the mouth of the Salmon River.  It is quite tricky to get to the three rocks past the spit on the other side of the river, but this is where Kipp Baratoff and Duncan Berry were sitting in 2012 when they came up with the idea for their business venture.  They were sitting on those rocks talking about the ocean, the fish and how sad they were with some of the complexities of the seafood industry. They wished the industry could connect better with consumers.  There in the “original boardroom” the idea for Fishpeople was born to transform the consumer’s relationship with the sea.

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Winter Activity – Bella Flora Studio

Bella Flora WindoA series of posts about winter activities to keep you busy until spring featuring exciting business and organizations located in and around our amazing neighborhood. 

There is a wonderful little shop that is really quite a magical place on NE 7th Ave.  At the border of our neighborhood, Bella Flora and owner Elaine Falbo let us escape the day’s stress and enter in to a wonderland of fairy furniture, vintage clothes and glassware as well as antique books, stuffed animals and dolls and an assortment of wreathes and baskets, dried rose bud headbands and crepe paper flowers handmade by Falbo.

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Winter Activity – People’s Yoga

A series of posts about winter activities to keep you busy until spring featuring exciting business and organizations located in and around our amazing neighborhood.

There are many yoga studios in Portland but none are quite like The People’s Yoga.  A free class for riding your bike 10 times to the studio, family memberships at a reasonable price, multiple locations, workshops and special events.

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Winter Activity – Portland’s Culinary Workshop

A series of posts about winter activities to keep you busy until spring featuring exciting business and organizations located in and around our amazing neighborhood. 

Want to sharpen up your cooking skills, hone the skills you have or  learn to make international cuisine?  Well, right in our neighborhood at Portland’s Culinary Workshop you can take classes from the most basic knife techniques and the principles of baking to more advanced classes or classes for couples all in a relaxed environment with skilled professional chef instructors.  They also offer team building classes for your employees such as Pasta from Scratch or even private group classes.

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Winter Activity – McConnell’s Boxing

A series of posts about winter activities to keep you busy until spring featuring exciting business and organizations located in and around our amazing neighborhood. 

Ready to take on the new year and try something new with your fitness regimen?  Right at the corner of NE Broadway at NE 7th Avenue above Cotton Cloud Futons is McConnell’s Boxing Academy. McConnell’s offers a variety of classes for those 13 years and up.  Personal training and private lessons are also available and are geared towards men and women.

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Winter Activity – Fremont Theater

A series of posts about winter activities to keep you busy until spring featuring exciting business and organizations located in and around our amazing neighborhood. 

In the Irvington neighborhood, at NE 24th Avenue and Fremont Street sits the The Fremont Theater. It is mostly used as a concert venue with concerts for kids during the day and for ages 21 and over in the evening.  One event not to miss is The Cherry Blossom Orchestra.   According to The Fremont’s website, one hundred years ago, on February 26, 1917, The Original Dixieland Jazz Band recorded “Livery Stable Blues and Dixie Jass Band One-Step” and was available for sale on March 17, 1917 at a cost of 75 cents.

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Kay Toran: Neighbor, Role Model and Leader

Kay Toran
Kay Toran, Eliot native and Volunteers Of America Oregon’s CEO and President

A family of 5 from Alabama decides to make their way to Oregon for a promising future and opportunity. Not such an unusual story for today but being an African American family in the 1940’s such a decision would be brave and fraught with worry about how the Pacific Northwest would treat them and also that it could be a long time before they see their extended family again. This is the beginning of the story of Kay Toran’s life which has been nothing short of an amazing. Growing up in Eliot, working for public and government agencies and finally finding her place in nonprofit organizations, Toran has been a neighbor, role model and leader for our community. The following is taken from an interview with Kay Toran and it is meant to help new as well as longtime residents learn a little more about our neighborhood and one of the families that has lived in Portland for 3 generations.

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Mont Blanc Building

Mont Blanc Building
Mont Blanc Building

The corner of Schuyler and NE 7th Avenue, just barely outside of Eliot Neighborhood, is now the home to a few businesses that you will recognize. The prep kitchens for BlueStar Donuts are one of the tenants at the newly remodeled Mont Blanc Building. Unfortunately no sales or samples are available at these locations but the delicious smells that escape the building make them a welcome new neighbor.

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Wellspring School

Wellspring School
Wellspring School

The Wellspring School for Healing Arts has been providing comprehensive training in Amma Bodywork Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Movement Arts, and Wholistic Nutrition since 1995. Our goal is to build healthy communities through whole mind/body education – empowering every individual to realize their full physical, mental, and spiritual potential!

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Elemental Fitness Lab

Elemental Fitness LabSettling into their new location in Eliot, Elemental Fitness Lab (EFL) is unlike any other gym in Portland focusing on high quality fitness and nutritional systems.  Their goal is to have their clients leave the gym feeling better when they arrived and able to take on the week or an active weekend with confidence and safely and efficiently reach their fitness goals.

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PICA Has a New Home

PICA New Home
15 NE Hancock

The Portland Institute for Contemporary Art (PICA) has a permanent home in northeast Portland thanks to a generous donation from philanthropist Allie Furlotti. Since 1995, PICA has been an integral part of the arts landscape in Portland and the purchase of this building helps solidify its future in a rapidly changing city.

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Uroboros Glass Company

In 1973, in the early days of the American Glass Studio Movement, the local art glass factory Uroboros Glass was born. Traditionally, glass was a substance suited for commercial production only, demanding the infrastructure of a large industrial plant. All that changed in the 1960’s when craftsmen began to make strides in developing small scale glass studios for individual artists. What followed was a very exciting time in the history of the medium of glass, when independent artists with access to these studios (mostly in universities around the U.S.) began to experiment and create one-of-a-kind objects of their own.

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Eliot’s Best Kept Secret

The Columbia River Model Railroad Club
The Columbia River Model Railroad Club

At a very busy intersection where cars, bicycles and buses pass every day is a building that a lot of Portland residents have probably never entered.  However, each weekend during the month of November, everyone who is simply curious or an avid collector is welcome to join in the fun in exploring the largest model railroad exhibit west of the Mississippi.

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