Crime Blotter – Spring 2011

By Ofc Peter Helzer NRT  & Angela Wagnon ONI

Greetings, everyone!  Now that we have sprung forward and the days are getting longer, we can look forward to better weather.  Spring break for the local school districts is getting started as well, which combines to give us an increased likelihood for more nuisance issues.  Please keep your valuables out of your cars or out of sight and watch out for roving bands of teenagers out tagging.  Also, as the weather begins to change and we start leaving windows open for ventilation, remember to block them in some way, so they only open a little bit and keep the burglars out.

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Crime Blotter – Winter 2011

By Ofc Peter Helzer NRT  & Angela Wagnon ONI

Hello, all.  Happy Holidays!  Of course, we know that means an increase in car prowls.  That was the big issue in Eliot over the past quarter, and I’m sure it will jump as we work our way up to Christmas.  Over half of the reported crimes in Eliot since September were car prowls.  A few tips to remember as we enter the holiday season:  1.  Never leave anything in your car that you would like to have be there when you get back.  2.  If you have to leave something in the car, leave it in the trunk and leave no clues there might be something worth breaking in for (iPod cord, GPS mount, etc.).  Remember, thieves are opportunistic.  If your car is locked and there is nothing interesting inside, they will go on to the next one.

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The Crime Blotter – Fall 2010

By Ofc Peter Helzer NRT  & Angela Wagnon ONI

Hello, Eliot!  This is the first installation of what will hopefully become a regular feature of the Eliot News.  I was the Eliot Neighborhood Liaison Officer for a number of years before I was deployed with my National Guard unit to Iraq.  I am back, and have recently started with the Neighborhood Response Team.  I have taken over in this position for OFC Amanda McMillan who has moved on to a new assignment.  I look forward to working with everyone again.

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Stanton Street shooting update (2)

Portland Police Officer Pete Helzer told the Eliot Neighborhood Association meeting on June 11 that a shooting a day earlier in Eliot stemmed from a graduation party that included underage drinking.

The party included an estimated 100 young people. A fight outside was followed by gunshots and one superficial wound. Partygoers also fought with police.

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Stanton Street shooting update

Portland Police Officer Pete Helzer offers additional details about the shooting that occurred early June 10:

The facts as we know them are that 19 shots were fired from 4 different guns.  The first 9-1-1 call was received at about 1:40 a.m. It was a report of a fight near 65 N.E. Stanton Street, and following it were multiple calls of shots in the area.

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Man shot

A man was shot in the leg during a large party over the weekend.

The shooting occurred around 2 a.m. Sunday morning, according to television reports.
The shooting was near Northeast Stanton and Rodney, according to KOIN TV .

About 100 people were at the party when a fight broke out, according to police.

Someone pulled out a gun. A man whom police did not identify was shot. His injuries were  not life threatening.

Police did not make any arrests.

Portland Police Community Survey

The Police Bureau began conducting its 2007 Community Survey on Friday, May 26.

The telephone survey of approximately 1,400 Portland residents is administered for the Police Bureau by Portland State University, and is expected to be concluded by June 30, 2007.

Information on the survey is posted on the Police Bureau’s Web site:

Please visit the site or call the Strategic Services Division at 503-823-0283 for additional

For those contacted for the survey, thank you for your participation!

— Captain Keith Morse, Strategic Services Division, Portland Police Bureau