Bag of Books Sale

The Multnomah County Library Title Wave Used Bookstore on Knott street is having a Bag of Books Sale. They are selling books and audiotapes.

They’ll give you a bag for $10 and you can fill it up with books and audiotapes. There is a limit of 10 bags per customer. Books have to fit in the bag completely. The sale is Saturday, Jan 26 from 10am – 4pm or until they run out of books. It’s a great deal and helps to support the Multnomah County Library. Title Wave is at 216 NE Knott, phone 503-988-5021.

Gifts From Eliot

Ok, I’m a typical guy and I waited until the last minute to do most of my holiday shopping.  I like the holiday season, but shopping is not my favorite part and there are a lot of places I would rather be than in the mall during the holiday season.  As I was trying to figure out what to get my wife I thought about doing a themed gift package.  I decided I would get her gifts from Eliot.

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Mayor Potter at Jefferson High

In an exciting and unique opportunity for students, parents, educators and community members, Portland Mayor Tom Potter is moving his office and City Hall to Jefferson High School.  The week long visit, starting Monday January 14th at 7:45 am, will include a City Council meeting on Wednesday and the State of the City address on Friday.

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