Project Hope: Building Futures and Restoring Lives

The following article was re-posted with permission from the author.  It was originally posted on the Irvington Community Association web site.

by Jimmie St. Arnold – January 2009
Project Hope: Building Futures and Restoring Lives

When Scott Espedal was a kid growing up on the streets of Irvington he knew what it was like to see a future that held little promise. Raised by a single mom, in a home where the month too often outstretched the money, the odds could look insurmountable. That’s why, some 30 years later and now a successful builder, he was moved to reach out to disadvantaged kids and offer what he knows can make the difference—jobs and a chance to complete an education.

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Spring Cleanup 2009

The Eliot Neighborhood Spring Cleanup is Saturday May 16 from 9 am to 1 pm.  Bring your old furniture, debris, junk, yard debris, lumber, and metal.  Please separate materials. Bicycles and bike parts can be dropped off for free.

The spring cleanup is a sustainable event.  Metal recyclers are on hand to collect metal.  Yard debris and lumber is eventually turned into compost.  Use bicycles are donated and if needed repaired for re use.

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