A Dawson Park Summer

Obo Addy the Okropong Dancers visit the crowd at a Dawson Park Concert

Dawson Park felt alive this summer with so many fantastic events.

In cooperation with Portland Parks and Recreation, the Dawson Park Concert Committee raised enough money from local businesses and generous concert goers to host 4 fabulous concerts in July and August.  Neighbors and families from all over Portland were treated with an eclectic variety of free music throughout the summer.

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Explore Mexico with Eliot Language School

Tierra Educational Center in in Eliot Neighborhood is offering a unique full-immersion trip to Pátzcuaro, Mexico this December 10-18th. The center opened in 2009, with a mission to offer small group Spanish and ESL services to help bridge communication and cultural barriers between the growing immigrant population and the community at large.

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Pepper Box

Pepper Box owner Jim Wilson

Nothing tastes better than a fresh home-made traditional tortilla stuffed with shades of green avocado, ripe tomato, Tillamook Cheddar Cheese and scrambled eggs covered in a generous topping of green chile crema.  I mean nothing.  This is what I eat, not on Monday, because the Pepper Box, a food cart at Dreamer’s Marketplace, is closed on Monday but as soon as I can I walk down there every Tuesday around 10 am.

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Central City Plan—NE Quadrant

Map of Central City Plan NE Quadrant

The recession has slowed development activities in Eliot so the major land use action involves City plans for the NE Quadrant as part of the Central City Plan update.  The Central City Plan covers the downtown area east of the West Hills as well as our area of NE (Lower Albina, Lloyd District, Rose Quarter, and points in-between).   The NE Quadrant plan is the first to be developed of the four quadrants in the Central City.  The plan is a partnership between the City and the State because the Department of Transportation wants to improve freeway capacity on I-5 between I-84 and I-405 and needs to replace ramps and overpasses to do so.  That will require changes to surface streets so it makes sense to plan for that within the Central City Plan update.  The proposed freeway changes are expected to be “temporary,” which means sufficient for the next 20 to 30 years only.  The freeway element has dictated that the Plan process proceed on two tracks, one for freeway improvements and one for land use.

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Eliot Neighborhood Trivia


Q1: What still in use structure on MLK had a bit part in a 1993 sleeper hit? What was the building? What was the movie? Bonus: What two word line (arguably one of the best in the movie) was uttered by an extra in that scene?

Q2: What used to be at the site of the Nike outlet store? What happened to it?

Q3: What is the name of the park adjoining Tubman School, and why is it hyphenated?

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Art Glass to the World From Eliot

By Barry Joe Stull

Uroboros is a company named for a symbol of a dragon eating its tail – symbolic of alchemy, the “ancient art” of turning base metals into gold.  Eliot’s Uroboros combines sand and other ingredients to produce art glass in 150 sophisticated color combinations in over a dozen styles and textures.  Uroboros colors stem from chemicals used in making the glass.  Gold produces pinks and purples, copper green, red or aqua blue, cobalt deep blue, and so on.  Textures result from rollers used on the molten glass, and manipulation, such as pushing the molten glass to produce ripples.

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Neighborhood Small Grants

In partnership with the City of Portland’s Office of Neighborhood Involvement, the Northeast Coalition of Neighborhoods is offering $23,794 in small grant funds and $6,650 in graffiti abatement funds to neighborhood, business and community-based groups. NECN will offer $1,000-$4,000 per project within the Neighborhood Small Grant program and up to $2,500 per graffiti abatement project.

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Editorial – MLK Gateway Project Status

The other day while walking to work I passed by the triangle where MLK and Grand come together at Hancock.  I noticed the sign announcing construction for the new gateway project to begin Spring 2011.  Then I recalled all the hubabalu about the project last May.  I was angry that our neighborhood lost out on a positive change due to the whining of a few.

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Crime Blotter – Fall 2011

By Ofc Peter Helzer NRT  & Angela Wagnon ONI

It seems we got the good weather just as school is starting again.  I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone to look out for kids on their way to/from school, and to drive safely in neighborhoods and school zones.  With everyone’s schedule filling up again with back to school activities and running around to events, remember not to leave valuables in your cars.

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