How Tall is 85 Feet?

An Eliot Neighbor is planning to tether 100 balloons today and send them up 85 feet. Why? A development proposal for the west end of the block surrounded by Fremont, Williams and Ivy calls for a portion of the building on the Williams and Fremont corner to be 85 feet tall. 

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Street Painting a Huge Success!

By Nancy Zimmermann Chung

Street Painting June 1 2013
Street Painting June 1 2013

On the June 1st, dozens of neighbors gathered at NE Rodney and NE Tillamook to create Eliot’s first intersection painting. The twelve-hour effort, running from six o’clock in the morning to six o’clock in the afternoon, was the culmination of months of designing, signature gathering, and other planning efforts. This month, we finally put paint to pavement, transferring our vibrant graphic to the street. We hope that it brightens the path for pedestrians and bicyclists throughout the year!

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Dawson Park Summer Events 2013

Big Crowd at Dawson Park Concert 2012
Big Crowd at Dawson Park Concert 2012

Summer is almost upon us and that means another great season of entertainment at Dawson Park! This year, we raised enough money to host 4 concerts and one movie night. These events are free and a great way to spend an evening out in the neighborhood. Concerts start at 6:30pm.  The movie night starts with free entertainment and popcorn at 6:30 followed by the movie showtime at dusk. Our fantastic lineup is as follows:

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