Churches of Eliot: A historical resource

By Jason Franklin

A number of churches were built in the neighborhood around the turn of the 20th century

The churches of Eliot are a rich historic and cultural asset to the neighborhood. There are at least ten churches in the neighborhood today and most were built in the early 1900’s with Immaculate Heart dating to 1889.

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Eliot Home Selected for Kitchen Revival Tour

By Joan Ivan

Eliot Kitchen. Photo courtesy Architectural Heritage Center; Jim Prelak

The Architectural Heritage Center recently presented its spring showcase of the talent, skill, and creativity of local craftspeople, designers, and homeowners who wish to preserve original character and charm while making the most popular room in a home meet 21st century needs.

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Time for a Change?

Proposed ‘Centers’ during the comprehensive plan update process

Portland is revising its Comprehensive Plan. Comp Plans are a State requirement and need to be revised every 20 years. Eliot land use and zoning is currently covered by the Albina Community Plan and the Eliot Plan within it. Previous columns discussed revisions to the Central City Plan. All these plans were adopted over 20 years ago.

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Keep or Lose?

Sunday, June 23’s Oregonian highlighted the intention of city planners and others to attack what they see as “gentrification” by targeting higher density and subsidized housing for low-income tenants. Eliot was in the bull’s eye of the map on the front page. What the article, the PSU teacher, and city staff don’t know about either gentrification, or its remedies, could fill multiple copies of the Eliot News.This is especially the case since the way the term is used is to highlight displacement of Portland’s black residents from the inner city neighborhoods they were restricted to live in by City policies up until the 1970’s.

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Tips for waterwise gardening

By Rose Kelsch

Water Gauge Kit

One of the things that makes Eliot such a great place to live is our beautiful lawns and gardens. Local residents also have a strong commitment to preserving the community’s natural resources, and we frequently hear from Eliot gardeners who are looking for new and better ways to save water while keeping their gardens green and healthy in the dry summer months.

Good news: the Regional Water Providers Consortium has some great free resources to help Eliot residents do just that.

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City Council approves rezoning request

by Alise Munson

Massing Study – Fremont and Williams

On Thursday, June 27, Portland City Council approved developer Ben Kaiser’s request to rezone his property between NE Cook Street and NE Fremont Street on North Williams Avenue to RX (Central Residential) zone. This decision is the first step in building the BackBridge Lofts, a 100-unit residential development with commercial use on the ground floor.

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Vacancy at the top

There comes a time in every chairperson’s life when they realize that they don’t want to have this job forever. As of right now, I have been acting as the newsletter editor in addition to being the chair of the neighborhood. The last person who held both of these roles, Clint Lundmark, has done a good job illustrating to me that this is not a sustainable amount of work for one neighbor to shoulder.

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Spring HAS Sprung

Anna's Nest
Anna’s hummingbird nest

Although I don’t intend to write about birds in the News, this spring gave me a chance to see and photograph some of my favorite birds. The first is the Anna’s hummingbird. These are the green hummingbirds we see in our gardens this time of year. Although there is nothing unusual about the Anna’s, I was able to observe a nest with young this year. The phone pictures from one of our tenants had to be taken at a distance, but if you look closely you can see a hummingbird perched on the edge of the nest. The entire nest is about the size of half a small chicken egg.

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Where’s My Package?

Susan and I have found empty UPS and FedEx delivery packages on our daily dog walks. Out of curiosity we traced a few back to the address and found they had been stolen off the doorstep. After reporting our concern to the delivery drivers, I was told that sometimes thieves follow delivery trucks around and take packages that look like they contain valuables or prescription drugs.

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