Fire in Eliot

By Jackie Sandquist

I froze as I looked at the building ablaze across the street. The crackling noise woke us up and the strange orange glow coming from the front of the house got us out of bed. Questions blazed through my head: Is that building really on fire? How can this be? What do we do? I felt its raging heat from a half block away as I frantically shut the windows that faced the five-story wall of flames. Right out there on NE Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard, one of the biggest of the four new apartment complexes was burning to the ground at four fifteen on a Thursday morning.

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Firefighters Raise Money for Displaced Residents

By Nancy Zimmermann Chung

Did you know that the Portland Firefighter’s Association is organizing a fundraiser for neighbors affected by the August 8 five-alarm fire on Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard? The fire reduced to rubble a 46-unit apartment building that was under construction, rendering uninhabitable some of the adjacent residential buildings in the process. Several of the tenants displaced by the fire do not have the financial means to rent a second apartment; some have found themselves with nowhere to sleep but the couches of friends.

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Five Alarm Rib Fundraiser

Portland chefs and firefighters will cook up a tasty rib dinner for you and your family on September 18, 4:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. at EaT Oyster Bar and Restaurant. For just $18 you’ll receive a firefighter’s plate of ribs and sides that will definitely fill you up. A healthy portion of each dinner sold will go towards folks directly impacted the by the five alarm fire in Northeast Portland last month.

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Community Preparedness

By Tim Cook

A street in Valdivia Chile after the large earthquake May 22nd 1960

The recent 5 alarm fire in our neighborhood reminds us of the importance of community and working together to improve emergency preparedness. Many who had to evacuate homes during the fire felt a sense of vulnerability, which sparked new discussions about individual resilience.

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Remembering Lee

Lee Perlman, left, with his journal for furiously taking down notes. Pictured with Mike Warwick
Lee Perlman, left, with his journal for furiously taking down notes. Pictured with Mike Warwick

Lee Perlman’s death is a personal loss as well as a blow to Eliot. I have known Lee as a friend and activist for around three decades, primarily through our mutual advocacy for Eliot’s preservation both as a residential community and historic asset and as a reminder of the legacy of Portland’s origins and the role of its black and immigrant communities. I joke that Lee’s commitment to historic Eliot was so extreme that his house retained the original paint and probably shingles. Although home maintenance was not a high priority for Lee, he was always willing to volunteer his time helping his neighbors and unreserved in his contributions to the Eliot Neighborhood.

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Healthy Kids’ Street Fair

By Maegan Vidal

A girl gets fitted for a bike helmet at the Healthy Kids’ Street Fair

Randall Children’s Hospital at Legacy Emanuel encourages kids to be active, play safe and stay healthy throughout the year. This summer, Randall Children’s Hospital is hosting its second annual free, fun and interactive Healthy Kids’ Street Fair on Saturday, September 21 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on North Gantenbein Avenue, in front of Randall Children’s Hospital on the Legacy Emanuel Medical Center campus.

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