The Bakery Blocks

The June 28 inPortland section of The Oregonian has an article about major development at the northern edge of Eliot.

Developer Ben Kaiser has two projects in the works: BackBridge Station, a $14 million mixed-use development with 41 units on Fremont between Vancouver and Williams; and Backbridge Lofts, a 39-unit residential project at the southeast corner of Williams and Fremont.

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Eliot Restaurants make 2007 diner guide

Several Eliot eateries made the top 100 in The Oregonian’s 2007 Diner’s guide.

The Eliot restaurants that made the list are:

Beer and Wine Tasting in Eliot’s Lower Albina Area

For a long time my wife and I have had this idea to taste in the lower Albina area of Eliot.  Being busy like everyone else, we finally, after many months, implemented the plan. Stereotypically I prefer beer and my wife prefers wine.  Of course that’s not say I don’t enjoy a good wine now and then and her a good beer.  On this day we were both happy.

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McMenamins Coffee Roastery

The other day I was walking home from work. I work near the Lloyd Center Mall, so I try to get my daily exercise by walking. Anyway, as I was walking through the Nike Outlet parking lot I smelled coffee in the air. It’ wasn’t the familiar coffee smell like experienced on a Saturday morning in Goldrush Coffee Bar, it was something different.

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Eliot Bike Boulevard

The Bicycle Transportation Alliance is looking at Northeast Rodney Avenue as a future bike boulevard.

Such a designation could mean a variety of changes to calm traffic. Speed bumps, traffic circles and street resurfacing would be possibilities.

A bike boulevard designation could also include improvements to help bicyclists and pedestrians cross Fremont at Rodney.

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Stanton Street shooting update (2)

Portland Police Officer Pete Helzer told the Eliot Neighborhood Association meeting on June 11 that a shooting a day earlier in Eliot stemmed from a graduation party that included underage drinking.

The party included an estimated 100 young people. A fight outside was followed by gunshots and one superficial wound. Partygoers also fought with police.

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The Portland Fruit Tree Project

There is a lot of fruit growing on trees in Portland, but every year, thousands of pounds of this delicious organic food ends up in a sticky mess in yards and on sidewalks.

The Portland Fruit Tree Project organizes people in Portland to gather fruit before it falls, and make it available to those who need it most. The project registers fruit trees around the city, coordinates harvesting parties and offer workshops in pruning and fruit preservation.

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