Wireworms – Bad for Your Garden

Wireworms are BAD for your garden.
Wireworms are BAD for your garden.

You have probably heard “The Joy of Gardening” in radio and TV commercials for a local department store or seen the book by the same name.  Sometimes, I question that joy! I tell myself “gardening IS fun and rewarding.” However there is also that constant war of you versus what seems like everything else trying to destroy your garden.  Between the dog digging, the chickens scratching, aphids eating, squirrels burying, and mother nature’s unpredictable weather there are challenges.  A few years ago I discovered yet another big enemy – the wireworm.

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What Should You Do With a Stray Cat?

By Lena De Tar

Clipped Ear Cat
Unless you own this cat, please don’t give it food!

Dear Eliot Newsletter,

There’s a strange cat in my yard. What do I do with it?

Animal Samaritan

Dear Animal Samaritan,

Thank you for looking out for our feline friends! What to do with this cat depends a on its disposition, its identification, and your intentions.

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Vancouver Ave Paving

The Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) has contracted with Dirt & Aggregate Interchange for preventive maintenance and rehabilitation of North Vancouver between Russell and Monroe. Work includes a 3” grind and 3” asphalt pavement overlay, digouts in the roadway to repair failed areas, and re-building several sidewalk corners that do not meet ADA standards. The sequence of work will generally be:

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Get in the Zone

Zoning Out

Proposed Zone Map
Proposed Land Use Changes

Eliot is one of the oldest areas in Portland and the best representative of a pre-automobile, streetcar neighborhood. The resulting intimate scale is one of the top reasons residents give for living here.

Unfortunately, Eliot’s Historic Conservation District designation does little to preserve our history or character. The primary threat to Eliot is the existing zoning. Most people see zoning as something that interferes with the design and use of their property; however, its real purpose is to protect property owners from the designs and uses of their neighbors. No one wants to have a dirty, noisy industrial plant for a neighbor and zoning is there to prevent that.

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