Expanding a Family… The Portland Way

Urban Chickens in front of their coop.

Over the last several years Portland has undergone a transformation of sorts with city dwellers getting creative in how they Urban Farm.  Many have created their own garden boxes to grow organic vegetables, planted fruit trees in their yards and parking strips, and added berry bushes to their landscaping, all using compost they’re making from kitchen and yard scraps.  The latest trend is keeping chickens in the city.

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The Ivy School comes to Eliot

By Laurie Simpson

Students in front of the Ivy School on Morris St

The Ivy School, a 1st – 8th grade public Montessori school with Spanish-language study, is located at NE 42nd street and Prescott.  The school opened for the 2009-2010 academic year and just completed its third year.  Since September 2011, the school has been operating their upper elementary classrooms (grades 4 – 6) in the Eliot neighborhood at Immaculate Heart’s classroom building across from Dawson park.

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IHI Community Party

Innovative Housing, Inc. (IHI) is throwing a party to celebrate the start of its newest housing development in the Eliot Neighborhood! On Saturday, July 21, 2012, IHI will take over the vacant lot on NE Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard between NE Cook and Fargo Streets (soon to become 50 units of new affordable housing) and fill it with friends, neighbors, musicians, food vendors, and tons of fun construction activities for kids.

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Help make Eliot “waterwise”

Water Gauge Kit

Did you know water usage in the Portland Metro area can more than double and even triple during the summer months? We Oregonians work hard to keep our lawns and gardens green in hot and dry weather. Many of us have heard the advice to water our lawn about an inch a week – and more during hotter weather – but few of us actually know what that means. In fact, many people actually over-water their lawns without realizing it.

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Freeway Expansion Plan Drafted – Eliot in Crosshairs?

This column has described the NE Quadrant Planning process over the past 20 months of Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) meetings.  That portion of the Central City Plan is nearing its end with the SAC’s adoption of the Facility Plan.  The process has been driven by the desire of ODOT to expand I-5 between I-405 and I-84 and PDOT’s hope of leveraging federal freeway dollars for surface street improvements.  Because the City’s hope depends on federal money, this hope has always been a house of cards and remains so.

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Land Use 101

The NE Quadrant planning process is part of the Central City Plan, which is part of the longer term Comprehensive Plan.  Each of these plans are required by State law and need to be updated every 20 to 25 years.  Now that the transportation component of the Quadrant plan is ending, the land use component will wrap up over the summer.  This will only cover Eliot land use issues in Lower Albina and along Broadway.  The rest of Eliot (and the City) will be covered in the Comp Plan, due in two years.

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Dawson Park Summer Events

Dawson Park Concert 2011

It will be another busy summer of great family friendly events in Dawson Park this year!  The Dawson Park Concert Committee, made up of a few Eliot Neighborhood Association board members, a concert loving resident, and a couple employees from Portland Parks & Recreation, have raised enough sponsorships from our local businesses to host 4 concerts and a movie this summer!  These are free to the public and are wonderful events taking place in our own neighborhood.  Bring your family, your friends, your dog (on a leash please) a blanket or low “beach” chairs, and your picnic basket.

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Crime Blotter – Summer 2012

By Ofc Peter Helzer

Hello, all.  It looks like the nicer weather is joining us earlier than it did the last couple years.  That’s great for all our outdoor activities, but brings a few perils as well.  The news is good about warning everyone to block 2nd story windows at four inches so toddlers don’t open them and fall out.  Putting a dowel in your 1st floor windows will allow you to get some airflow through the house without providing an easy way for burglars to get in while you are away.  Try to secure them so that when the window is closed, they don’t fall out of the way and allow the window to be opened from there.

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