Coordinating Healthier Lives for Kids in Foster Care

As a child in foster care, especially one with previous or current health issues, each day can be a constant struggle.

Tara, age 5, knew that struggle for years. Diagnosed with asthma at the small age of 2 and experiencing homelessness for most of her years, Tara didn’t begin receiving health care until she was placed in the foster care system. Shortly after her placement, her foster mom noticed she had difficulty breathing. Taking swift action, she scheduled an appointment at Randall Children’s Clinic-Emanuel paving the way for a coordinated effort with her care. “This is not the kind of start a child needs to have a healthy life,” said Holly Hermes, a social worker and care coordinator. “Once Tara came to the clinic and started receiving the care she needed, she made great strides in her development,” says Hermes. “She got her asthma under control. This little girl now has a better chance at a healthy life.”

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I-5 Overpass Reconstruction Moving Forward

I-5 Overpass Reconstruction
I-5 Overpass Reconstruction

“The Box”

The recently adopted NE Quadrant Plan (a part of the Central City and Comprehensive Plans) was conducted in cooperation with the Transportation offices of the State (ODOT) and City (PDOT) to coordinate ODOT’s plans to expand capacity on I-5 through the Rose Quarter and the I-5 ramps with PDOT’s plans for the area between at Broadway/Weidler, an area known as “the Box”.

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Wellspring School

Wellspring School
Wellspring School

The Wellspring School for Healing Arts has been providing comprehensive training in Amma Bodywork Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Movement Arts, and Wholistic Nutrition since 1995. Our goal is to build healthy communities through whole mind/body education – empowering every individual to realize their full physical, mental, and spiritual potential!

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NE 7th Avenue Greenway Update

7th9thgreenwayAn update from Bicycle Transportation Alliance regarding the 7th/9th Greenway project…

A bicycle and pedestrian bridge across I-84 could provide the continuous north-south route that inner Portland needs. NE 7th Avenue would provide a safe route north from the highway and NE/SE 9th Avenue would provide a safe, low-traffic route to the south. We predict that this corridor — connecting the Lloyd District, a burgeoning inner eastside industrial district, neighborhoods like Powell and Brooklyn, and recently built streetcar and light-rail stations — would quickly become one of Portland’s most heavily used and important neighborhood greenways.

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Uroboros Air Quality Assessment

Air quality issues hit home in Eliot through the news in early February, through a shocking revelation that Uroboros Glass, located on Kirby Ave, was burning cadmium and had been for years to make art glass in Eliot. The irony of the matter was that it was moss in the nearby trees that had helped Forest Service researchers find the Uroboros site’s pollution, not the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). That agency soon revealed that cadmium burning, now indicated in two glass factories including Bullseye in SE, have a monthly average of 49 times the state’s established air safety benchmark level for cadmium and 159 times the safe level for arsenic. Cadmium and arsenic are both known carcinogens connected to serious health effects.

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October General Membership Meeting

Join us October 17th at the Eliot Neighborhood General Membership Meeting and let your voice be heard.  This is one of two meetings of the year where all residents can vote on issues discussed at the meeting. Everyone in attendance who is from Eliot Neighborhood is also welcome to participate in the election of the new Board for the 2016-2017 term.

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