Free Summer Concerts at Dawson Park

2010 Concert in Dawson Park

Hello Neighbors!  Amazingly enough, summer is just around the corner and your Dawson Park Concert Series Committee has been hard at work gaining sponsors so we can again host some amazing free concerts in Dawson Park this July.  Thanks to sponsor and audience generosity we managed to snag some great music last season, drawing record-breaking and increasingly diverse crowds to the gazebo.  We are working towards hosting 4 concerts this year which will be held on Wednesdays in July at 6:30pm to dusk.  No general fund money from Parks & Recreation underwrites these concerts, which means we raise every penny through the work of our concert committee, gathering sponsors from local businesses and donations from concert lovers.

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Imagining a Different Course for MAX

Proposed Alignments of the Yellow line through Eliot. From the 1998 Draft EIS.

In 2001, a light rail line opened with service between the Portland Expo Center and downtown Portland. This service could have included service to residential Eliot and Legacy Emanuel Hospital with two stops on the east side of I-5. Imagine a dense commercial and residential corridor linking MLK with lower Albina along Russell Street. Vancouver Avenue would have been one block from the MAX, thriving with new businesses housed there. In southern Eliot, imagine the parking lots between MLK and the Broadway Bridge supporting residential or commercial buildings and lower Eliot with parking problems all day every day instead of just during Blazers games. Imagine pedestrian-scale connections around the Broadway/Williams intersection, connecting places that you want to visit, shop, or use to get from point A to B. Would Eliot have been better served?

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Planners Planning

The First Course

The Portland Plan planning process continues as does the Central City and Rose Quarter Plans.  The Portland Plan process focuses on an updated vision of what residents want Portland to be like in 25 years.  That kind of process allows for setting goals that include government and the private sector, such as high school graduation and employment rates, access to fresh, local food for city residents, and so on.  The Central City Plan is focused on specific land use and transportation actions that are expected to be taken in the next 25 years to accommodate goals that are more dependent on future development, such as providing housing and employment in the core of the city, which includes the Lloyd District and parts of the Eliot neighborhood.  The Rose Quarter Plan process is focused on two specific areas in the inner eastside; the Rose Quarter and the area north of it centered on the school district property known as the Blanchard Block.

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Land Use and Transportation Update for Spring 2011

A rumor is circulating that the owner of the old Roth auto lot on the northwest corner of MLK and Tillamook has leased to a sex superstore operator who is planning a 24-hour operation at the site.  Historically, such uses that are allowed by zoning (this is) and that don’t require any building exceptions (this may not), are impossible to stop.  Nevertheless, neighbors in Eliot and Irvington are exploring options to stop the lease.

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Post Blazer Game Victory Celebration Spot

The Pods at Gotham Tavern

One of the many reasons we moved into the Eliot neighborhood was its proximity to so many great businesses, downtown Portland, and the Rose Garden.  My husband and I have been half-season Portland Trailblazer ticket holders for several years now and love going to games.  My Blazer fan co-workers who mostly live on the west side tend to complain on game night since they know they have a long drive or max ride ahead of them and have to fight with the crowds and traffic in order to get to the game.  Not us however!  It’s so easy for us to leave our house just 15 minutes prior to tip-off and either walk or catch the number #4 or #44 on North Vancouver for a short bus ride to the Rose Garden.

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“Allies of Eliot” Continue The Oral History Project

By Owen Wise-Pierik

Allies Of Eliot

The history of the Eliot Neighborhood has been something that has brought culture and identity to it’s residents for a long time. It is something of controversy, life, and community. However, the neighborhood is changing. In order to keep the legacy of Eliot alive, Laurie Simpson and Arlie Sommer have teamed up with a group of Community Development undergraduate students from Portland State University to create an oral history project for the Eliot Neighborhood. Fusing together informational interviews of long term residents in Eliot and historical research, the students will create a historical walking tour of the neighborhood, bringing out oral narratives to show the changes and the history that exists here.

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Crime Blotter – Spring 2011

By Ofc Peter Helzer NRT  & Angela Wagnon ONI

Greetings, everyone!  Now that we have sprung forward and the days are getting longer, we can look forward to better weather.  Spring break for the local school districts is getting started as well, which combines to give us an increased likelihood for more nuisance issues.  Please keep your valuables out of your cars or out of sight and watch out for roving bands of teenagers out tagging.  Also, as the weather begins to change and we start leaving windows open for ventilation, remember to block them in some way, so they only open a little bit and keep the burglars out.

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VOA Scholarships for high school seniors

Al Forthan

You’d be hard-pressed to find another academic scholar­ship named after a drug dealer. Then again, you’d probably never find a drug dealer quite like Al Forthan.  The fine print here is that Al Forthan, once a crime lord in North Portland, eventually got clean. He went to prison nine times, ravaged his body with heroin, and controlled the illegal drug market in North Portland for years. But in April 1992, Al entered the addiction treatment program at the Men’s Residential Center (MRC) and began to change his life.

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