Lee Perlman Memorial

By Christine Charneski

The community is invited to attend a remembrance/memorial event for Lee Perlman on Sunday, Sept. 15 at 4pm, Lorenzen Conference Center at Legacy Emanuel Hospital. This was the site of many a meeting in Lee’s neighborhood (Eliot).

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New Seasons Opens August 28th

The wait is nearly over…on Wednesday August 28th Eliot Neighborhood will finally have a full sized grocery store.  New Seasons Market Williams store will open their doors at 7:00 am followed by a celebration.

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Lee Perlman, Age 64, Found Dead at His Eliot Home

Lee Perlman, left, with his journal for furiously taking down notes. Pictured with Mike Warwick
Lee Perlman, left, with his journal for furiously taking down notes. Pictured with Mike Warwick

Very sad news this week as Lee Perlman was found dead on Friday at his home on Brazee Street by Portland Police. He died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

As the news passed through the neighborhood, there was an outpouring of sadness and support as neighbors shared memories of Lee at the Eliot Ice Cream Social in Dawson Park this past Monday. Plans for a memorial service are not yet available, but this post will update as more information comes in.

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Observing the MLK-Monroe Fire

MLK and Monroe Fire
KGW SkyCam view of the fire at MLK and Monroe

As the fire broke out on Monroe and MLK early Thursday morning much of the neighborhood became aware.  It may have been the heat, the flames, the sirens, the smoke, or a knock on the door.  Very few didn’t know about it. 

This is my experience that morning.  It is nothing like those who lost their homes, but I thought I would share anyway.

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Fire Destroys Buildings

Flames engulfing building at MLK and Monroe. Photo from Portland Fire and Rescue.
Flames engulfing building at MLK and Monroe. Photo from Portland Fire and Rescue.

The 5 story apartment complex on the corner of Monroe and MLK was vacant and still under construction when fire broke out Thursday August 8th around 4:15 AM.  The 5 Alarm fire was considered one of the biggest in the city in recent history.  Fire trucks lined a closed MLK Blvd. for several blocks as 120 firefighters doused the blaze.

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City Delays Projects, Sets Timelines

Dawson Park

Dawson Park Final Design

The Portland Parks Department has finally set a timeline for the Dawson Park renovations. After several years of process starting in 2010, the Portland Parks Department is ready to move forward. In September, Dawson Park will be completely closed. The park will go through extensive renovations that will include removing and replacing several paths through the park, replacing a number of game tables, and removing eight (8) trees while pruning several others.

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Sober Club Opens

By Winston Murray

Two guys searching for a place to hang out, play games and socialize with friends while staying sober discovered that no such place existed in the Portland area. So they decided to do something about it. Through a mutual friend, they met business owner Stan Herman, who happened to have an empty warehouse on Mississippi Avenue near the MAX Yellow Line Albina Stop. After pitching the idea to Mr. Herman, the 4th Dimension Sober Club was born. “In recovery we talk about reaching a certain level of sobriety, ‘the great beyond’ the 4th Dimension. That is how we came up with the title of our organization” says co- founder Devon Andrade.

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The Way Funner Side of Randall Children’s Hospital

By Jackie Sandquist

Randall Golden Egg
Golden Egg at Randall Children’s Hospital

Since February 2012, Randall Children’s Hospital new building has been a part of our neighborhood. Each year, 100,000 children visit Randall Children’s Hospital, making it one of the busiest pediatric healthcare providers in the Northwest. This nine story healing center is filled with whimsical, fanciful touches, from larger than life wooden bird’s nest sculptures to outdoor gardens and animal clues in the elevator to indicate the floor.

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