Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider

Rev Nats Taproom
Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider Taproom

You may recall last September seeing promotional materials for a block party in the southern part of the neighborhood. That same weekend Portland had that unseasonal cold rainy and windy storm. The block party was supposed to be Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider welcome to the neighborhood. Unfortunately it did not happen, but Rev Nat’s is still here.

The cidery and public taproom is located in the newly refurbished “Trade Bindery” building. The bulk of their space is the cidery where apples are turned into bubbly beverages. However, they reserved a small portion for the “public taproom” where you can go and taste a flight of cider, get a pint, or buy a bottle to take with you.

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Beauty Committee Call for Projects

By Kayla Mullis

Last Spring the Eliot Neighborhood Beauty Committee planted new trees in vacant parking strips near NE Hancock and Rodney.

The Eliot Neighborhood Beauty Committee is part of a partnership with the Portland Trail Blazers to improve the livability of Eliot and mitigate the negative impacts of Moda Center events. We are currently looking for small, meaningful projects that will help improve the physical landscape or personal community in the neighborhood. A small amount of grant funds are available for this work.

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Board Meeting Minutes 2014-2-12

6:35 Eliot Neighborhood Meeting Begins

Treasure’s Report

  • Annie Rudwick will go to Albina Community Bank tomorrow to transition the account from Nancy’s name to Annie’s and Alan Sanchez’s names.
  • We have 10,494.45 in the account. $400 still needs to be deposited and $70 needs to be paid out.

Minutes read and approved

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