Bylaws Update

The Eliot Neighborhood Association has a rich history. Founded in 1969 during the Model Cities program under President Lyndon Johnson’s administration, we have been around a long time. After thinking about that I don’t want to start that far back. The bylaws, in their current form, go back to 1992. They were amended in 1993, 1996, and 1999, and they have been good enough for the past 14 years. Why update them now?

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Eliot Beautification

Did you know that Eliot has a beautification committee? The group, loosely an extension of the Neighborhood Livability Partnership, is exploring projects to plant street trees, personalize intersections and street signs, and reduce visible trash and litter. Broad goals of the committee, which includes local residents, businesses and nonprofits, are to build on the vitality of Eliot, and recognize and act on major opportunities to make sure the identity of Eliot is recognizable to those who live in the neighborhood, or who are just passing through. We want to take a collaborative approach, so if you are interested in sharing your ideas or lending a hand, we would love to hear from you.

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Intersection Painting

Tillamook Intersection Painting
Tillamook Intersection Painting 1st Draft

By Nancy Zimmermann Chung 

The neighbors of Southern Eliot are working on a new Intersection Repair proposal this spring. In collaboration with the Portland-based nonprofit City Repair, we are planning to paint the intersection at NE Rodney & NE Tillamook Streets. If you live within a few blocks of the proposed intersection, you have probably already seen our flyers on your doorstep.

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Website Changes

Over the next week or so you may notice a few changes to as we kick the tires on some “Look and Feel” changes.  Don’t worry, the great content you have come to love will still be here, and for the most part will be in the same place.  Can’t find something? Have a thought on the design?  Feel free to comment!

Older Issues of Eliot News Now Online

Have you ever been curious about what was happening in the neighborhood in the past?  Electronic issues of Eliot News from 2006 on have been posted since 2007.  But what about older issues?  Recently, issues from 1999 – 2005 have been converted to PDF if possible, or scanned into PDF format and posted as well.  Now you can find out what was happening a decade ago!

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Neighborhood Clean-Up!

Eliot’s annual Spring Clean-Up will be held Sunday, April 28th between 10 am – 2 pm on N. Graham between N. Williams and N. Vancouver. It’s time to clear out the clutter from your closets, rooms, basement, yard and garage. Bring your unused and unusable junk of all sizes and shapes. Clean out your surplus metal, furniture, clothes and more. Fees range from $5 and up. No yard debris, construction debris, raw garbage or hazardous materials can be accepted.

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